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Ms. Sharon

Preschool Director & Preschool Teacher

Mon – Fri 5 year olds

Hi! My name is Sharon Claude and I am the Preschool Director here at Gloria Dei Lutheran Preschool. I teach a M-F 5yr old class as well in the mornings. This is my 11th  year here. I love teaching the 5 year olds because they are so excited about learning. They are like little sponges waiting to soak up every bit of knowledge they can grasp! My class uses the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum which focuses on letter formation and correct pencil grip. I incorporate phonics into the program by stressing the sounds that the letters make and that the sounds the letters make together form the words! It amazing watching the children when it clicks that letters and sounds together make words and then they can read! I also incorporate a lot of activities that include counting, cutting, writing, painting, and playing with manipulatives. Playing and working with others either in pairs or a group are also important skills to learn. How do I wait my turn? How do I stand in line? These are all important skills for Kindergarten.

If I am blessed to have your child in my class I will treat them as one of my own children. You are now part of the Gloria Dei Preschool Family and Ms. Sharon’s family. We will laugh together, play together, learn together, get silly together, and cry and work out disagreements together. We are a family. I love my job immensely and work hard at making my classroom one that children come into everyday with a smile on their face and leave wanting to come back tomorrow!

When I am not at Gloria Dei Preschool, I love to read, crochet, run and bike. You may also see me as a regular at the Avera Gym. I love to spend time with my daughter Christina who will graduate in May of this year from Augustana University with a BA in Social Sciences. 

During the Summer I am usually in and out of Gloria Dei Preschool and I volunteer to do the Music for Vacation Bible School.

Hope to see you and your child in my class soon!

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