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As a family, we recognize meaningful and memorable moments in our faith journeys, sometimes based on a child's age/grade, and sometimes as major events happen in a child's life. We take time to think about how God fits in the big moments of our lives.

Individual milestones

Milestones in our everyday lives happen at different times for each of us. Use the 4-Keys  as a family to walk through activities to help recognize God's involvement in each Milestone.
A gift helps to remember this special time spent together.
Milestone - Death of a Pet

Death of a pet

4 Keys Gift idea: Pet's toy or collar
Milestone - Driver's License

Driver's license

4 Keys |  Covenant (editable Word document) Gift idea: Key chain
Milestone - End of School YEar

end of the school year

4 Keys  Gift idea: Sticker
Milestone - Driver's License

first Cell phone

4 Keys  Gift idea: Note to put inside case - reminder to speak words pleasing to God
Milestone - First Job

first job

4 Keys Gift idea: Wallet or checkbook cover
Milestone - Going to Camp

Going to camp

4 Keys Gift Idea:  Journal
Milestone - Losing Frist Tooth

Losing your first tooth

4 Keys  Gift idea: New toothbrush
Milestone - Loss of a Loved One

Loss of a Loved one

4 Keys  Gift idea: Flat stone with their birth and death dates written in permanent marker
Milestone - New Home

new home

4 Keys  Gift idea: Welcome mat or  new return address labels

Age milestones

Any age


2 year old

Worship | October

3 year old

Entering Church School | September

4/5 Year old

Prayer | January


Entering Kindergarten, Never Alone | August

1st Grade

10 Commandments | February @ Home

2nd Grade

Lord's Prayer | March @ Home / Participate in Worship

3rd Grade

Holy Communion | Maundy Thursday

4th Grade

Bible | September

5th Grade

Entering Confirmation | May
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