Worship at Gloria Dei Saturdays 5:00pm, Sundays 9:00am and 10:30am, & Wednesdays 6:00pm

We're glad you've joined our online worship service!

We want to help you make the experience a good one, but we know sometimes issues might arise. If a chat window accompanies the livestream you are watching ask the host(s) for help or check out the following:


Watch on a Big Screen: Engage in the service on a TV, rather than on your portable device.
  • Using the Youtube App on your Smart TV, search for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Sioux Falls on YouTube. 
  • Connect a computer or portable device directly to your TV with an HDMI cable.
  • AirPlay or Push the livestream to your device (if you have that option through Roku, Apple TV etc)

Listen with Bigger Speakers: Engage in the service with full-range speakers. They’ll sound much better than the built-in speakers on your portable device.
  • Listening to the worship service, especially the music, through a sound bar with your TV (see Big Screen Pro Tip above) or through a stereo receiver will enhance your experience.
  • Adding a Subwoofer takes it up another notch.

Online Community
  • Worshiping on a computer: join in the chat (see #1 below), sign-up and say hello. 
  • Worshiping on a portable device: rotate your screen or look for the 'hamburger' menu (three stacked lines, see #2 below), or arrow to the left, and join in the chat there. Pastor(s) and Host(s) are waiting to greet you and worship with you virtually.
  • Look around your screen for 'Extras' like website, prayer, online giving, bulletin/Dei Worker (see #3 below)
Online Community Tips


Here are some of the common problems you might encounter:

Finding the Livestream: How do I get to the livestream?
Click here to access our player and chat area. This livestream is where we will have pastor(s) and host(s) present. You can also watch on our YouTube channel or our Facebook page, these streams may or may not have pastor(s) and host(s) present. To access livestream archives click here.

No Sound / Low Sound: You've found the livestream page but can't hear anything? Try these steps:
(a) make sure the volume is up and not muted on your computer/device (some computers have keyboard buttons that control volume in addition to the volume control in the task bar),
(b) hold your cursor over the bottom right corner of the player window (if viewing on our livestream page) and look for the speaker icon - click to unmute or use the slider to adjust volume,
(c) open a different application (something other than the livestream) and see if you have volume there,
(d) try a different browser,
(e) try Gloria Dei Facebook or YouTube,
(f) try a different computer or device.
Our technicians are working to provide a volume that works for most devices, but depending on your hardware or settings, your actual performance may vary.

Buffering: We’ve chosen a very high capacity streaming platform. It is designed to minimize and practically eliminate buffering. If you do experience buffering it will most likely be short lived. It could also be a browser, operating system, and/or security/extension/plug issue. If your livestream is buffering excessively:
(a) refresh the page,
(b) try opening the stream in a different browser (from our experience Chrome seems to be more reliable than Edge),
(c) check your internet connection, Wi-Fi, and web filtering (sometimes your network might be slow or might block incoming data, like the livestream),
(d) try using a different device.

Internet Speed: Is my internet connection fast enough to watch livestreaming? There are many variables that play into actual connection speed and consistency. However, to check the overall capability of your connection, CLICK HERE and the click on blue “RUN SPEED TEST” button. This will start a test that will show you your internet connection speed. You would need to see a Download speed test result of at least 3 Mbps to view a single video stream in standard definition (360p) - more bandwidth will auto-speed adjust to allow full HD (1080p) and/or a larger/full screen image. Also keep in mind that Sunday mornings are now high internet usage times. Internet test speeds will have varying results depending on overall internet usage.

Picture is Stuck/Picture and Sound are in Very Different Places: Minor timing differences between the picture and audio are possible and unavoidable. Sometimes, however, the picture may seem stuck or could be excessively out of sync with the audio. Refreshing your browser should fix this.

Black Screen:  When you navigate to the livestream, the screen is just black. If you worship on a smaller screen / portable device, make sure the operating system of the device is up to date. Older operating systems on portable devices (phone/tablet) may not be able to display livestreaming.

If you’ve been having trouble, we hope that you found these to be helpful!

If your problem persists, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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