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Gloria Dei began as a mission start congregation, part of an intentional effort to reach into new and growing areas of the city of Sioux Falls with the good news of Jesus. Mission is in our DNA. In Scripture, we read the words of Jesus at the end of the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Jesus’ command begins with that simple little word, “GO.” At Gloria Dei, “Freed by Christ we Gather, Grow, Give, and GO all to the glory of God.” So, let’s GO Gloria Dei!



Here you can sign up for all the latest Mission and Outreach opportunities

GO: Food To You

4:15 – 7:45pm | ~20 Disciples

The Food to You Mobile Pantry distributes grocery and personal products to families in need in Sioux Falls. Gloria Dei has the opportunity to serve with this organization on Thursday, February 7th. We will be helping to set up and distribute products from the “Pantry” at Eastside Lutheran Church.

Early Bird Volunteers must be able to help unload the truck and lift/carry boxes. Volunteers must be 6th grade or older to help.

We will also be collecting the boxes of noodles/pasta to be distributed on February 7th. Donations can be brought to Gloria Dei and left in the Gathering Area now through Mon Feb 4.

GO: St. Francis House

6:15-7:30pm | 6-7 Disciples

Serve the prepared evening meal and then stay and clean up. All together it takes about an hour and a half.
We need 6-7 people for each date. Use the Sign-Up Genius to let us know you’ll be joining us.

GO: St. Dysmas

6:00-8:00pm | 5 Disciples

Worship with the inmates at the South Dakota State Penitentiary. We will welcome up to five worshipers each month. You will experience a warm welcome and grace will be given and received.

You will need a current background check (good for a year). See instructions on the sign up page. Background check paperwork due to St. Dysmas approximately 2 weeks before for participation in worship. Watch here for upcoming worship dates.
For more information: St. Dysmas
Questions? Contact Pastor Chris:
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GO Therefore: Consumers or Participants?

Consumers or Participants?

The word, “church” has taken on a dangerous connotation over the years. Church has been misunderstood to be the place where we go when we want to hear God talked about. Church is misunderstood to be the place where we go to take in all of the religious offerings that have been produced for us. Church is misunderstood to be a marketplace where we sample and consume the things that please our religious palates and sensibilities. Church, at least for a large portion of our society, has been misunderstood to be the manufacturer of religious goods and services for the sake of our consumption.

This is not the church. YOU are the church. Church is not the building, not the programs, and most certainly not the paid professionals! You are the church on earth, the body of Christ in the world, His hands and feet.

Americans have been conditioned to consume by our economic, political, and societal forces. Everything in American life is here to be bought, sold, or consumed. We’ve been taught that if we want something we have to work for it, and if we work hard enough we can have whatever we want. This is a dangerous mindset for the church because it means that while we are sitting back waiting for someone to produce our religious goods and services, we are ignoring the call of Jesus to be His presence in the world. We are ignoring the great treasure, gift, and responsibility to go into all the world, baptizing and teaching in the name of Jesus.

Jesus does not call us to be consumers but active participants in the world He is creating. This world Jesus wants to create is a world of peace, kindness, compassion, humility, justice, grace, hope, and love, among many other good things. These are not collectables or trinkets consumed in a sermon and taken home from church, only to be shelved in the dusty curio cabinets of the human heart. These are actions because, “faith is active in love,” as St. Paul talks about in his letter to the Galatians.

We, who are members of Christ’s body, members of His church, are not consumers of religion. We are active participants of the faith. We don’t come to church, we are the church. And Christ has called us to be the church in the world.

With all of that in mind, while I may have the title of Associate Pastor of Mission and Outreach, I am not called here to produce religious goods and services for your consumption. Instead, I am called here to constantly speak Christ’s word of forgiveness and freedom so that God actually sends you out into His world with in love and service to those in need. I am no more of a professional in ministry than you are. Gloria Dei members, you already know this. You know this deep in your bones. It’s part of your DNA as a mission-start congregation in Sioux Falls. It’s simply built in here and it’s so amazing to see it all in action!

I’m excited that many members of Gloria Dei are already actively organizing and planning mission and outreach opportunities, not for your consumption, but for your participation. We’re creating a network of people at Gloria Dei that want to shake of the consumer mindset of religion and want to follow Christ’s call to be active participants in this holy work. We hope you’ll join us!

Let’s GO Gloria Dei!

Pastor Chris Zuraff


Gloria Dei has a strong relationship with the Lutheran Church of Faith and Hope in Nicaragua. For over 15 years, Gloria Dei has sent a medical mission delegation to work together with the church to provide acute medical care and health education to the population. Take a look back here for our Travel Booklet with the most detailed information about past trips, as well as opportunities as they become available!


Click the link to view the Travel Booklet and learn about our mission trip.

Our Feb 2018 Team

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The Holy Spirit calls each of us to make disciples wherever we go. Mission is driven by the Spirit in our families, our neighborhoods, our community, our state, our nation, and our world. We encourage every member of Gloria Dei to get actively involved in the work the Holy Spirit is calling them to, wherever that may be. As a church, we offer ways to live out that call together. Click the links below to learn more about our many mission partners.

 South Dakota Synod, ELCA

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 

Iglesia Luterana Fe y Esperanza, ILFE

 Church on the Street

Pueblo de Dios

St Francis House

 Lutherans Outdoors

Lutheran Social Services of SD

St. Dysmas

 Food to You

Necessities for Neighbors

The Banquet

 Table of Grace

Heartland House

Bishop Dudley Hospitality House

 Feeding South Dakota

Feed My Starving Children

Luther House of Study

 Meals on Wheels

Gloria Dei Quilting

Neighbors in Solidarity

Want to get involved? Contact Pastor Chris:
605-371-3737 |



A weekend celebration of God’s mission in and through Gloria Dei. A weekend to give thanks to God for the work of our mission partners. A weekend to connect Gloria Dei members to the amazing mission work God is doing through this congregation. A weekend to be present to how God might be calling you to serve the world.


The 1st Annual Mission Festival was a successful Event! A huge THANKS to all who helped make it a great day!

(See Ministry by the Numbers updates in RED)
○  Worship Saturday 5pm, Sunday 9am and 10:30am – Guest preacher – Pastor Rebel Hurd
– Mission Developer for Church on the Street, at all 3 worship services
– Special Offering during worship for Church on the Street $1402.67 collected for Church on the Street
○  Chicken or Pork Tamales, Oh Yum! For sale from Pueblo De Dios!  To preorder your dozen(s) click here!
– Come help out and learn to cook with Pueblo de Dios on Friday, April 20th at 6pm   2,250 tamales made raising over $3,400 for Pueblo De Dios Youth going to the National  Youth Gathering in Houston, summer 2018
○  Get to Know our Mission Partners!
– Stop by the Gathering Space to learn about our mission partners before or after all services 8 partnership ministries were on hand having caring conversations
○  Nicaragua in a Nutshell
– Learn about the recent trip from those who went, while enjoying a plate of tamales and sides Sun Apr 22.
– Lunch plate is $12 and will be served at 11:30am in the fellowship hall.
○  Nicaragua Medication Fundraiser
– Sat Apr 21 at Vance Thompson Vision – Food & Drink, minimum donation $25 per person


Questions? Contact Pastor Chris:
605-371-3737 |

Coming Soon!

We’re constantly following the movement of the Holy Spirit and you never know where we’ll be called next! Check back often.
Questions? Contact Pastor Chris: 605-371-3737 |