Friday Followings: What Are You Wearing?

Hello Gloria Dei,
I’m fortunate to have a wife and daughter who attempt to keep my fashion and clothing style up to date. They have a tough job, because there’s not much to work with, but they do their best. Someone once said, “Clothes make the man” or “Clothes make the woman.”
This weekend in worship we are starting a three week preaching series called “Biblical Fashion Show.”  We’ll be focusing in on chapter three of Paul’s letter to the Colossians, particularly verses 12 to 17.
The Bible tells us that more important than what we’re wearing on the outside, is what we, as Christians, wear on the inside. Attributes such as kindness, compassion, peace, love and forgiveness are a few that Paul lists. Having been set free by Christ, we take off things like unholy anger and hurtful gossip, and instead we lift one another up with kindness and love.
With Rally Weekend and full Wednesday worship and programming kicking off last week, we are off and running at Gloria Dei. We keep that going this week and all through the year. God is good… all the time. As Christ-followers, the old clothing is put to death, and Christ gives us new clothing of kindness and compassion. This weekend we’ll take a look at the garment of forgiveness and its importance for abundant and healthy lives.
Thanks for your partnership in the gospel, and I’ll see you in worship,
Pastor Tim