Friday Followings: The Silence is Broken with Good News: Pause to Rest

Hello Gloria Dei,
My brother Mark, a pastor at St. Andrew Lutheran in Mundelein, Illinois, recently shared a meditation written by the late Gerhard Frost, a Lutheran pastor and teacher. The short meditation, entitled “Silence Breakers” goes like this:
God is silence, but in Jesus Christ God has broken that silence.  –Ever since one of the greatest of New Testament scholars said that in my hearing, I’ve thought of it and quoted it often.
God is unknowable at the depth at which I must know him, unless he makes himself known – unknowable as Savior, as mercy, until he reveals himself in the person of Jesus Christ.
But God has shattered the silence, has stepped into the void and bridged the chasm. And, since he has, you and I are meant to be silence-breakers. Life is mission, and that mission is Christ our Lord.
I love that. For you, me, and this world, God is most fully known in the person of Jesus Christ, the very Word of God made flesh, as the gospel writer John says. In Jesus, the silence of God is broken open, and we know of God’s immense love for us.
Within worship these weeks, we are continuing our theme, Advent Pause. Last weekend we focused on Pause to Repent. This weekend our focus is on Pause to Rest. I hope and pray that you pause long enough during these days to find rest. As you stop and rest, ponder and give thanks for the reality that God breaks into our world in Jesus, and in him we receive the good news of rest for our weary souls. Jesus breaks the silence and says to you today, “Come to me all you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”
Rest. Sabbath. God knows we need it. We know we need it. Come to Christ and find rest.
Happy Advent and I’ll see you in worship,
Pastor Tim