Friday Followings: The One Who Calms Storms

Hello Gloria Dei,
This week in worship we’ll be focusing in on one of my favorite accounts in all of Jesus’ ministry. As we journey together in the gospel of Mark, we give witness to the ways of Jesus. One of the questions to ask as you read is this, “If God showed up on earth, then what kind of God is this? Is it a God who loves us, or is it a God who could care less?”
In Jesus we see fully what God is like. We’ll look at Mark 4:35-41 this week. Read it, study it, ask questions of it. It is Jesus calming of the storm. As you ponder this text, ask yourself, “What kind of God do I see here?” “Is it a God who cares, or who could care less?”
What storms have you experienced in your life? How has God been present for you? Have you ever experienced peace within a storm? If so, where did the peace come from?
I like the fact that it is Jesus who invites the disciples (and us) into the boat in this story. You and I are invited into a life of discipleship. Jesus says to us, as he did with his disciples, “Follow me”. And as we journey with Jesus as followers, we surely will run into storms. Yet, the great promise in this story is that Jesus is right there in the boat with us.
What do you make of Jesus’ comments at the end of this text about fear and faith?
Personally, I read this account a lot in my life. It gives me hope, it gives me peace, and it gives me assurance that Jesus is with me, and with you, on this life-long journey of discipleship. When storms overtake me, I can know the peace of Christ. When fear begins to paralyze me, I can have it replaced by faith. I hope to see you this weekend as we dig deeper into this great, great portion of Scripture.
See you in worship,
Pastor Tim