Friday Followings: The One Constant, the Presence of the Holy Spirit

Happy Friday,

This weekend is another special weekend for two reasons. 

  1. We celebrate Pentecost, the gift of Holy Spirit.
  2. We celebrate those who are graduating. 

Graduating from High School or College is all about new beginnings and new adventures. The excitement of what lies ahead and all the possibilities! 

Early this week on my Facebook news feed a picture of my graduation from Seminary popped up. 8 years ago Eric and I had no idea what was ahead of us but we were full of dreams and excitement. 3 moves, 2 more children, and a lot of living has happened in those 8 years. Some of those moments have been amazing, beyond amazing, and some have been challenging. The one constant in the midst of all of that has been the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

We are gifted with this amazing gift from God, the Holy Spirit. That no matter what, through the good, the bad, and the ugly, we know that they Holy Spirit is always with us. The Holy Spirit is there in the midst of all life’s new adventures, joy, and sorrows. 

This weekend as we celebrate another milestone in the lives of our youth, we will also hear again the promise that we are God’s now and forever. 

Come join us for worship and remember to wear your red for the Pentecost celebration!

See you in church!
Pastor Sarah