Friday Followings: Super Bowl Playbook

Hello Gloria Dei,
I hope everyone had a good time watching the Super Bowl last Sunday. It wasn’t the most exciting game ever played. It was a defensive battle, in what turned out to be the lowest scoring Super Bowl played to date.
I enjoyed it, however, as it was fun watching the coaches and their game-plans, trying to outwit one another both on offense and on defense. In an interview following the game, Los Angeles Rams’ coach, Sean McVay, said “I was clearly outcoached by Bill Belichick today”.
As Christians, you and I should have a game-plan for life. I know we can’t know or predict or control every single detail of life. In fact, the longer we live, the more we realize we don’t always have control of what happens. Yet, for us, we do have a playbook. And that playbook, given to us and inspired by God, is the Bible.
And while the Bible gives us great teachings and commandments to live by, mostly it is a book about the way of salvation, both now and forever. Salvation, abundant life, purpose, fulfillment, eternal life – all of that comes to us by way of a living and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. The One who has fulfilled the law and commandments for us, calls us now to live by faith and trust in God. It’s all found in the playbook. And it provides for a super game plan for life.
I invite you to dig into our playbook as this weekend we continue in the gospel of Mark. Please read chapter 4. Our focus in preaching will be on the parable of the sower and the seed.
By the way, last weekend many of you voted for who you wanted to win the Super Bowl by placing money into the change for change baskets. The Rams bucket received $77.65 and the Patriots received $42.63. Your efforts help to feed those who are hungry. It’s all part of our Super Bowl playbook, given to us by our Super God.
See you in worship,
Pastor Tim