Friday Followings: Signs of God’s Love All Around Us

Hello Gloria Dei,
I’ve always been intrigued by signs. Maybe this goes back to my Little League Baseball days when the coach would teach us signs. Signs were given by the coach to us players when we were either up to bat or on the base-paths. A touch of the cap, or the slide of a hand down the left arm, or the scratch of an elbow – any of these could indicate that the coach was calling for a bunt, or a steal, or a hit and run. I loved learning the signs. It made all of us feel kind of special, like we were in on something secret, but important and fun.
I love reading signs out in front of churches too. I remember one that said, “Pastor Olson will preach this week on the topic of Gossip. The choir will then sing ‘I Love to Tell the Story’”. Signs are intriguing, interesting, sometimes funny, and much of the time, very important.
The first half of the Gospel of John is often referred to as “The Book of Signs.” Within the first eleven chapters, John depicts for us seven signs, or miracles, of Jesus. If you’ve been following along and reading in the gospel, I’m sure you’ve noticed many of these signs.
The Seven Signs (Miracles) in John, performed by Jesus, are these:
Water into Wine (chapter 2)
Healing of the official’s son (end of chapter 4)
Healing of the paralytic (chapter 5)
Feeding of the 5000 (chapter 6)
Jesus walking on water (chapter 6)
Healing of the man born blind (chapter 9)
Raising of Lazarus from the dead (chapter 11)
This weekend in worship we will be honing in on the sixth sign: The Healing of the Man Born Blind. I encourage you to read John chapter 9. It might be good to read it a few times, as the story gets a bit confusing. Notice that the one who was blind at the beginning of the story can truly see, both physically and spiritually, at the end of the story. And notice that the ones who thought they could see spiritually at the beginning of the story, actually are shown to be quite blind by the end of the story. True sight has to do with believing and trusting in Jesus as the Son of God, and as Savior and Lord of our lives.
All of the signs, including the healing of the blind man, are meant to point us to this faith and trust in Jesus. How’s your trust these days? Is your faith affecting the way you live? And the decisions you make in life? Is your faith freeing you to live and love abundantly? All seven of these signs point us to Jesus, the author and provider of abundant life.
Pay attention to the signs of God’s presence and love all around you. Each day is filled with miracles and signs pointing us to faith in God, if only we’ll see with eyes open to God’s brilliant presence.
Yes, signs are important, intriguing, and often so much fun. Pay attention to God’s signs all around you. Notice them and have some fun pointing them out. Trusting and journeying through life with Jesus is important; it’s intriguing; and it leads to an abundantly blessed life, now and forever.
See you in worship!
Pastor Tim