Friday Followings: Reminder: Please Opt In to the Gloria Dei Directory

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in worship this weekend. We’ll continue one more week on our theme of God and Baseball. The Major League Baseball playoffs continue, and even though the beloved Minnesota Twins are out, we’ll learn some great lessons from Baseball and the Bible.
One other item to mention. A few weeks ago you first heard about our new Gloria Dei online member directory. I want to give a plug for that again this week. To be included in this directory, you need to opt-in. I encourage all of you to opt in, so that this directory can be as helpful as possible to all of us.  Here are some details.
With an online directory, you control when your information gets updated!
In order to make the online directory useful, we’re encouraging everyone to fill out this Online Directory Form. Again, our online directory is ‘Opt-In’ meaning that your information will not be available to other Gloria Dei members unless you ‘Opt-In.’ In a big church like Gloria Dei, it can be hard to get to know everyone, so we are really encouraging everyone to take the time to fill out the form and update your picture. Our office team is happy to help you complete the form if you need, so don’t hesitate to call or stop in and ask. We will give everyone the option in worship to simply check “Opt In” in the Dei Worker sheet, and the office team will make sure you’re in. The more who opt in, the better our directory becomes.
In the online process, you’ll be asked to complete the form for each of your family members in your household. If your children are older and have moved out, please ask them to complete the form for themselves. Updating your information with a home, cell, and work phone number (include area code), your preferred email address, and your physical address will also help to make sure you’re getting emails and mailings from Gloria Dei. Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll be invited to create a login and password to access the directory. There you can control what information is shown (For example, you may not want to include your work phone, or you may want to make your email address private). You can control what is accessible to others in your Gloria Dei family of faith. It will take some time for your information to show up to other Gloria Dei members who’ve logged in, so please be patient and check back again in a couple of days.
And maybe even more exciting, you get to upload your own pictures! No more church photography companies pressuring you to buy their products. Upload a headshot from work, a selfie, or a cropped photo from that last family photoshoot. You can even upload a picture of your whole family.
Finally, your information is completely secure, and we will not share your information with anyone other than Gloria Dei members. If you have questions about data security, or anything else, you can talk with Cicely Schock in the office or Pastor Chris.
Click Here to fill out the form and ‘Opt-In’ to our online directory.
Click here to view the Online Directory, or find our Online Directory in our new app, Gloria Dei – Sioux Falls.
Thanks, and I’ll see you in worship!
Pastor Tim