Friday Followings: Participating in God’s Vision

Hello Gloria Dei,
Someone once asked Helen Keller, “What would be worse than being born blind?” She replied, “To have sight with no vision.”
Without vision we are lost. Thankfully, God has a vision for us and for this world. God’s vision is that the very Kingdom of God would reign among us, beginning now and going on forever. And to make that happen God comes down and lives among us. Jesus ushers in the very Kingdom and presence of God. Jesus is God’s way of getting us back from the clutches of sin, death, and the devil.
It’s like the little boy who built a toy sailboat. He crafted it, sanded it, varnished it, and took great care in creating it. He loved it. But one day down at the river, the current became strong and the boat got away. The boy was sad that his boat had become lost.
About two weeks later he was walking downtown and saw in a toy store window the very boat he had created. It had a for sale sign on it. The boy went in and said to the store owner, “Hey, that’s my boat. I made it.” The owner replied, “Well, that very well may be, but if you want it back it will cost you $20.”
For the next two weeks the boy did chores, worked hard and saved his money, all out of love for that boat. When he had $20 he went and bought his boat back. Holding his boat in his hands he looked at it and said, “I created you, I love you, you got lost, but now I have bought you back.”
That’s what God says to us. That’s God’s vision for all people. The Bible is the story of God’s relentless pursuit to have us back.
And the remarkable reality is that God has chosen to use us within his vision. He equips us with his love and gives us all that we have in order that we would make use of his gifts for the furthering of his vision in the world. God desires all people to have life in Christ’s name.
Later this month, during worship on November 20, 23, and 24, we will have opportunity to make our financial pledges to the work God is doing in and through Gloria Dei for the year 2020. As we do, we participate in the furthering of God’s reign in the world. As you give of your time, your talents, and your money, God uses it in powerful ways. At Gloria Dei we are not ashamed of the Gospel, but rather we proclaim it and live it out.
Thank you for partnering in this great vision God has for us and for the world. You and I are blessed. And God calls and uses us to be a blessing to the world.
See You in Worship!
Pastor Tim