Friday Followings: Journeying with Jesus

Hello Gloria Dei,
This past week in worship we began a four month journey through the gospel of John. Of course we began in chapter one. Chapter one of John begins by telling us that God’s very own Son, Jesus, the Word made flesh, has left his station in heaven and has become one of us. The language throughout John is filled is filled with images of creation, including light and darkness, living water, and new life. Watch for these as you read over the next months.
One of the key questions of John, as I mentioned this past weekend, has to do with life with a capital “L”. What does abundant Life look like, and where is it to be found?
I encourage you to read all of chapter one for this weekend. After the prologue (John 1:1-18), we hear John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus, we see Jesus calling his first disciples to come and “abide” with him, and we even see Andrew and Philip inviting others to “come and see” Jesus. Once we meet Jesus, as we’ll see many, many times in John’s gospel, the Life giving journey of faith begins.
I pray that each and every day you see God in creation, but also that you meet Jesus through prayer, worship, Bible reading, in your relationships, and countless other ways. Take five or ten minutes to sit still and quiet with the text in John chapter one. As you ponder the beginnings of this story of Jesus, watch and listen for Jesus in your life. You are invited to “come and see” Jesus; to “abide” with him; and to be in a Life-giving relationship with the very Son of God each and every day of your life, and on into eternity.
God is good…. All the time!
Pastor Tim