Friday Followings: Jesus Does Everything Well

Hello Gloria Dei,
I love the story we are looking at this week in worship. It’s an account of Jesus healing a man who was both deaf and mute, and it is found in Mark 7:31-37.
Jesus touches the man’s ears. Jesus spits into his hand and touches the man’s tongue. Jesus looks to heaven, and with a sigh, commands the man’s ears and tongue to “be opened.”
At the end of this passage, the Bible says that the people gathered around were amazed and said “Jesus has done everything well. He even makes the deaf to hear and the mute to speak”.
At the beginning of time, Genesis tells us that Jesus was present when the whole world was “opened up” with wonder and beauty. God saw this awe-filled creation and said, “It is good.”
Jesus’ opening up the man to hear and speak is echoing creation. Jesus makes all things well, all things good. The God of all creation has shown up in Jesus, and the awe-filled creating continues with the deaf man, and even with us today.
“Be opened” Jesus says. At his baptism, the heavens were opened and the Holy Spirit was set loose in the world. At his resurrection, the power of death is broken and new life is opened up for all who believe.
Where does your life need to be opened? Where does mine? How wonderful it is when the new life of grace and forgiveness breathes fresh air into our relationships. How wonderful it is when our ears are opened to the good news of God’s presence and love in our lives, and our voices are opened to share encouragement, grace, and love with others.
Yes, Jesus does all things well. Be opened up to his love and healing in your life.  See you in worship.
Pastor Tim

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