Friday Followings: Jesus Calls Us and Sends Us

Hello Gloria Dei,
Just a quick note today. I love reading and preaching through the gospel of Mark. Please take time to read the whole gospel in one sitting, and then break it up week by week according to our preaching texts.
For this weekend, read Mark 6:1-13. In the latter portion of this text, Jesus gives his disciples their mission. “Go from town to town, proclaiming the good news that God has shown up in the flesh, all the while, healing those who are sick.”
Jesus has given you and me the same mission. With his authority, we proclaim God’s love in word and deed. And by sharing the forgiveness of sin, by befriending the lonely, by lifting up and encouraging our families, and by praying for God’s world, we are involved in healing.
Take time today to remind yourself that you are a loved and forgiven person of God. You are part of God’s family. Your life gets its purpose from your identity as a child of God. Proclaim the good news in word and deed, and bring healing to those who are in need. That’s our mission together as the body of Christ on earth.
See you in worship,
Pastor Tim