Friday Followings: Holy Spirit Filled Business

Hello Gloria Dei,
I love the book of Acts. In it we see the Holy Spirit at work among ordinary people who, by the power of Christ, do extraordinary things. The Good News is spread far and wide. Yet, I love the reality in Acts chapter one, immediately after Jesus promises the gift of the Holy Spirit and he ascends into heaven, the first thing the early followers of Jesus do is to have a business meeting. They gather together, they pray, and they choose Matthias to replace Judas among the disciples. Doing the business of the church is important, and it always has been from the beginning of the Christian Church.
This past Sunday we gathered for the 2019 Annual Meeting. We accomplished some of the business of the church. We prayed. We heard reports of the multi-faceted ministry going on at Gloria Dei. We watched a video of Bishop Zellmer describing many of the synod-wide ministries which we support. We adopted a 2019 budget. There were many great questions and comments from members. Like in the early church, the business of the church is important, as it supports the witness of the gospel.
Yet what struck me the most at our Annual Meeting was the positive spirit about this ministry we share. God is at work through all of us. You are a Spirit-filled group of Jesus followers. Enlivened by the good news of Jesus Christ in your life, you respond by giving of your time, talent, and treasure, and by living out that gospel in so many ways in your everyday lives.
I simply want to say, as I said at the Annual Meeting, thank you for your partnership in the great labor of love we share at Gloria Dei. You inspire me and, I know our entire staff, as we go about being witnesses to the love God has for us in Jesus Christ.
For this week’s worship, read Mark 2:1-12.
And an FYI for this Sunday. Come grab a plate of delicious breakfast and join our Appalachia Mission Team between services THIS SUNDAY on the south end of the fellowship hall for pictures and stories from the trip to West Virginia. They’ll take about 20 minutes or so to share what God was up to in the group and in their work with the community.
See you in worship,
Pastor Tim