Friday Followings: Faith, Love, and an Empty Bottle of Beer

Hello Gloria Dei,
I love the story about the nun who ran out of gas a couple of hundred yards from a gas station.  She knew the gas station was close by, so she walked the couple hundred yards to the station.  She, however, didn’t have a gas can, so the attendant gave her some gas in the only container he could find, which was an empty beer bottle.
She walked back to her car, and as she was dumping the gas from the beer bottle into her tank, a Lutheran pastor came by and stopped. He stared at her in amazement as she poured the contents of the beer bottle into her tank and then he exclaimed, “Sister, we may have our differences, but I just have to admire your faith.”
As we continue in our sermon series entitled The Way of Christ in the Gospel of Mark, this week our focus is on two miraculous healings, as found in Mark 5:21-43. Please read these verses in preparation for worship.
Within the gospel of Mark, and in this passage, Jesus calls us to a way of faith. Jesus knows the more we experience God’s love for us, the more our faith is strengthened. And the more our faith is strengthened, the more God’s love pours out from us toward others. Faith and Love go hand in hand.
I read a devotional the other day by Sandra Palmer Carr. In her booklet called The Upper Room, she tells about rocking her young son, Boyd. They were in a rocking chair and Boyd was looking up at his mom as they rocked.
Suddenly, he lifted his little head, stared straight at his mother, became very still, cupped his mom’s face in his little hands, and said almost in a whisper, “Mommy, I’m in your eyes.” He had seen his own reflection in his mom’s eyes.
Sandra stopped rocking and held Boyd in that same position for several moments. Then she said quietly, “And I’m in your eyes too.” And he smiled, and put his head down on her to rest comfortably.
Occasionally, in the days that followed, Boyd would check to see if his discovery was still true. “Am I still in your eyes Mommy?” he would ask, as he reached up to take her face in his hands.
Sandra thought about the love God has for her and said, “In life’s uncertain moments, it is comforting to know that I am still in my heavenly Father’s eyes.”
You and I can confidently put our trust in the love of God, shown so fully in his Son Jesus. God has you “in his eyes” and in his loving embrace. Let your faith be strong, and let it become active in reflecting that love toward others.
See you in worship,
Pastor Tim