Friday Followings: Doubts – The Ants in the Pants of Faith

Hello Gloria Dei,

The Christian author Frederick Buechner writes: “Whether your faith is that there is a God or that there is not a God, if you don’t have any doubts, you are either kidding yourself or asleep. Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith. They keep it awake and moving.”

For me, I believe there are some people given the extraordinary gift of faith so that their faith in God never wavers. I also believe this is a very small group of people. For the vast majority of us, doubts creep into our faith and we ask all kinds of questions. I believe asking the hard questions is a good thing. Why? Because asking the hard questions of life is what God wants from us, and ultimately these questions and doubts serve to strengthen our faith.

In our gospel reading for this weekend one of Jesus’ disciples, Thomas, isn’t with the others when the risen Jesus appears to them on the first Easter evening. Later he is told that “Jesus is alive.” I think we can understand Thomas when he says, “No Way. It can’t be. Dead people don’t come back to life. I won’t believe unless I see Jesus for myself.” Thomas is simply being a realist. It’s hard to believe that a person you saw die on Good Friday could be alive again on Sunday. Yet, a week later, Jesus shows up again, and this time Thomas is present. Thomas believes and confesses about Jesus, “My Lord and my God.”

For worship this weekend, please read John 20:19-31, as we’ll take a look at this important encounter between Jesus and Thomas. Jesus encounters you and me today too in a multiplicity of ways. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions to God. In the long run, they serve as the “ants in the pants of faith” and they keep faith alive and moving. Through worship, through digging into God’s word, and through the fellowship of Christian believers, faith is strengthened even amidst our doubts and questions. Watch for God showing up for you today. See with the eyes of faith. God is alive and active in our world and in our lives.

WEATHER ALERT – We are watching closely the reports regarding the snowstorm coming into the area tonight and tomorrow. At this point we are planning on our normal weekend worship schedule. However, there is a chance that Saturday worship will be need to be cancelled due to the storm. We want for everyone to be safe. Please watch our website,, or Facebook page, @GloriaDeiSD, for updates regarding Saturday worship. At this point it looks like Sunday morning will go on as planned.


Pastor Tim

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