Friday Followings: Biblical Fashion Show

Hello Gloria Dei,
This past weekend we took a look at Biblical Fashion. In other words, now that the Good News of Jesus as Savior and Lord of lives is a reality for us, what kind of “clothing” is God calling and equipping us to wear? And by clothing, the Bible isn’t talking about what we wear on the outside, but those qualities and attributes that begin on the inside and then shine out to the world.
We began last week with Forgiveness. Forgiveness is often times hard to “put on”. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we love to receive it, but it can be hard to give.
This week we continue with our theme of Biblical Fashion. And we continue in Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Read once again Colossians 3:12-17. Which of these attributes listed are easy for you to put on? Which ones are harder? Which ones come naturally? With whom do you share them? In worship we’ll continue to explore the clothing that reflects the very Kingdom of God.
Wednesday worship is up and running too. Our theme for the next two months on Wednesdays is to share one of Jesus’ many parables each week. Worship begins at 6 pm and goes for about 35 minutes. Of course, all are welcome.
One more thing. Pay attention to your email this coming Monday. We have a Big Announcement you don’t want to miss. (Don’t worry, we are not relocating our campus again. And no, no one is leaving). But this announcement involves all of us. So be ready!
See you in worship,
Pastor Tim