Friday Followings: All Saints: Gifted, Called, Grateful

Hello Gloria Dei,
Happy All Saints Day! This weekend in worship we celebrate All Saints. It’s good for the soul to regularly think of the saints in your life who have made an impact on you. Give thanks for them.
I’m looking forward someday to having an eternity to catch up with the saints who not only have been in my life, but the saints from all time. Biblical characters, historical figures, and countless more. What fun we’ll have in heaven!
Yet for now, God has gifted us with a promise and a calling. He promises that we belong to him, through Christ, now and forever. And he calls us to be sharers, or evangelists, of the Good News. One of the saints in my life used to say “We as evangelists have two tools: our words and our life.” I like that. By what we say and do, the Lord Jesus is presented to the world. The Holy Spirit then takes those words and deeds, given in love, and creates a living faith in those around us.
Later this month, during worship on November 20, 23, and 24, we will have opportunity to make our financial pledges to the work God is doing in and through Gloria Dei. Giving of our time, talents and treasurers is a way of saying thank you to God for the gifts he has given us to manage. And furthermore, giving of ourselves and our money to Christ’s work allows us to be part of something much bigger than just ourselves.
During worship in this month of November you’ll be hearing about many of the ministries that go on at Gloria Dei. You’ll see how lives are being impacted for Christ. And as always, through Word and Sacrament, you will be met by Jesus himself, giving you a purpose-filled and gospel centered life.
And don’t forget to RSVP for the adult only night of fellowship, food, and sharing as we gather at the Willow Run Golf Clubhouse on Sunday evening, November 17, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Go onto the website, or the new GD App, or sign up at church. It will be a fun evening together.
One more reminder. This weekend we will hold elections by written ballot for open positions on Council and other Committees.
See You in Worship!
Pastor Tim