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Congregational Care

congregational care and health ministries

living well in Christ as we care for one another physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally

Gloria Dei offers many opportunities for growing in your own gifts as well as support, healing, prayer and service in Christ’s name. If you would like to be involved in or receive any Congregational Care and Health Ministry services, please contact Pastor Amy Martinell or call the church 605- 371-3737. Click red calendar icon for Congregational Care Calendar.
Members of Gloria Dei have been trained to befriend those who have concerns about their own addictions, as well as family members who are experiencing concern for someone they love. Gloria Dei’s Recovery Advocates can listen, pray, encourage, and help connect individuals to recovery support. They are committed to keeping concerns confidential.

stephen ministry

This structured training program equips lay members to provide confidential, longer term, and one-to-one Christian care to individuals in the congregation who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Ongoing education and peer supervision are part of this program’s commitment to excellence.

Breast Cancer Support

Specific and ongoing support is provided to women who receive a new diagnosis of breast cancer. This includes individual visits by a member who has successfully traveled the journey of breast cancer and is now a survivor.

WIT (Women in Transition)

Women of any age who have lost their spouse are welcome to meet the 4th Tuesday each month at 5:30pm at church or at a local restaurant. Consider yourself invited if you are a widow and can benefit from a good social time, support, and friendship.


The bloodmobile is offered twice a year on a Sunday morning in the Spring and Fall with the bloodmobile parked conveniently right at the church.

Check'n on the second

Blood pressure checks are offered in the Gathering Area the second Sunday of the month after church services and during April for the community-wide Big Squeeze.

C.A.S.T. (Called and Sent Teams)

card C.A.s.t.

This team sends cards for occasions of baptism, sympathy, birthdays of elder members, and other special occasions.

divorce C.A.S.T.

Meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in Room 123. All church members and non-members who are separated, divorced, or divorced and remarried welcome. Childcare (up to age 10) is available with a reservation.

 food C.A.S.T.

Members of this team share gifts of hospitality, fellowship, and cooking, by regularly preparing delicious and nutritious meals together at the church. The meals are portioned in various sizes, frozen until they are needed, and delivered by members to anyone in need of “comfort food.”

hero C.A.S.T.

All Gloria Dei deployed service people and their families are supported with prayer, regular communication and mailings depending on individual situations. C.A.S.T. members also coordinate letter writing ministries for non-member service people in need of a friend during deployment.

 hospitality C.A.S.T.

Members bring Christ's welcome and hospitality to a grieving family and their guests who have come to celebrate the life of a loved one. This includes set-up, serving and cleaning up of a catered meal.

grief ministry

Grief is a common reaction to any kind of loss. Church staff and gifted member volunteers are part of a grief  program that provides mailings, phone calls, food, and visits during the first year following a significant loss. Care is individualized for the person(s) and circumstances as the church accompanies the member with the steadfast presence and peace of a God who unites those He loves on the journey of loss.


Homebound members who cannot actively participate in the worship life at Gloria Dei receive weekly mailings with a devotional and the recent Friday Followings post from Pastoral Staff.

special services

A service of Hope and remembrance is offered during Advent for those who for those experiencing a loss or grief during the holiday season. Healing services are also offered in the spring and the fall during a Saturday evening service.

elizabeth ministry

Elizabeth Ministry is an outreach to women in special times of motherhood. Following the example of Mary and Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45), Elizabeth Ministers affirm, support, encourage, and assist women in response to their needs, their joys, and their sorrows during the years of childbirth, adoption, miscarriage, infertility, or loss of a child.

empty arms

Empty Arms is a peer-led support group for people experiencing infertility. It is a general infertility group, meaning anyone is welcome to attend whether they are going through primary or secondary infertility, inability to get pregnant or stay pregnant.

lactation consultation

Lactation consultation is available for those new nursing moms who can use some direction and encouragement from Gloria Dei member Mary Schultz, a retired RN lactation nurse.

exercising your faith

This group meets weekly for 10 or 12 week sessions on Mondays from 5:30-6:45pm during the school year. The group exercises for 45 minutes and then participates in a Bible study for 30 minutes. This an opportunity to be fit, physically and spiritually.


The Gloria Dei pickleball fellowship welcomes new members – both beginners and seasoned players. The mission is Faith, Fellowship, Fun, and Fitness. Play is in the church gym with coffee, treats, and fellowship following the workout. Check the church calendar for pickleball times. All equipment (paddles and balls) is provided. We run a “drop-in program,” which means you show up when you can and we rotate partners. Contact Janine and Adrian Mohr or Brenda and Leon Olson for more information.

walking souls

Walking souls is a periodic church walking program held at various times of the year (i.e. Walk to Bethlehem during Advent and Walk to Jerusalem during Lent) for the promotion of fellowship and fitness.

prayer team

The Prayer Team connects many households with prayer requests from our congregation and community through email. God uses our prayers to transform the world- including praying minds and hearts of those who pray. Your responsibility for this team is only to commit to pray for those who submit a prayer request. Then watch for God’s answers.

prayer Wrap

Prayers are woven into every wrap as they are knitted, crocheted, or sewn by church members. Wraps are available for all to share with others and are given in times of joy, celebration, sickness, and grief.

caring for caregivers

Offering care and support for those who are caring for others. Often times we can find ourselves caring for an ill or injured family member or friend. This group meets monthly to care for those who care for others.

Congregational Care Events

Click on event for more details or to sign-up / register, if applicable. All are Welcome!