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Congregational Care Ministry at Gloria Dei is about living well in Christ as we care for one another – physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.
Gloria Dei offers many opportunities for support, healing, prayer, and service in Christ’s name.
Join a C.A.S.T. (Called and Sent Team)
Gloria Dei Facing Addiction
Secrets keep us and our loved ones trapped in addictions. Often people are so ashamed they don’t want anyone at church to know. There is hope if you struggle with addiction. A member who has been through this journey is ready to provide the support and encouragement needed for recovery. You are welcome to email in confidence and you will be contacted and connected to support and caring. You are not alone.
Breast Cancer Support 1024x768
Breast Cancer Support
Hearing the words ‘breast cancer’ can be terrifying. We offer specific and ongoing support provided to women who receive a diagnosis of breast cancer. Members will receive resources for education and most importantly, the support and comfort of a member who has successfully walked the journey of breast cancer.
Card C.A.S.T.
We all enjoy receiving a card with hand written words of encouragement and support. Do you have some time available each month to spend hand-writing a card to be sent expressing the care and compassion of our community of faith? If so, we need you. Join us in writing and mailing cards.
Checkin on the 2nd
Check’n on the Second
Knowledge is power. You can have high blood pressure (hypertension) for years without any symptoms. Even without symptoms, damage to blood vessels and your heart continues and can be detected. Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke. Stop by and get your blood pressure checked. It’s the safest plan to know your blood pressure numbers.
Second Saturday and Sunday of every month in the Gathering Area, just stop by for a reading – no need to sign up.
Divorce CAST
The Divorce C.A.S.T.
Divorce is a tricky journey to navigate and you do not have to try to do it alone. This group is for anyone who is separated, divorced, or divorced and remarried. The groups meets monthly, and offers childcare for children up to 10 years old. Join us for support.
Find our closed Facebook group HERE
Elizabeth Ministry
Just as Mary visited Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ministers provide outreach to women in all times of motherhood. Following the example of Mary and Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45), Elizabeth Ministers affirm, support, encourage, and assist women in response to their needs, their joys, and their sorrows during the times of childbirth, adoption, miscarriage, infertility, or loss of a child.
Empty Arms
Empty Arms
This is a peer-led support group and resource for people experiencing infertility. This is a general infertility group, meaning anyone is welcome to attend whether they are going through primary or secondary infertility, or an inability to get pregnant or stay pregnant. If this is part of your life, you are warmly invited to attend the monthly meetings. You may email the group or complete the form below. We want you to know we are here for you.
Exercising Your Faith
Happy Heart, beating strong from exercise, and then filled with The Word. Join this group for Mondays from 5:15-6:30pm during the school year as we exercise 30 minutes and do a Bible study 30 minutes. An opportunity to be fit physically and spiritually. How can it get any better than that? Join us!
Food C.A.S.T.
Members of this team share their gifts of hospitality, fellowship, and cooking, by regularly preparing delicious and nutritious meals together at the church. The meals are frozen and ready for you to share with members or others in your life who are undergoing exciting or difficult transitions and could benefit from the nourishment for a home cooked meal. The meals are portioned in various sizes for uses by singles or families. Complete the form below if you would like to connected with the Food CAST and help with meal planning or preparation.
“A few weeks ago I had carpel tunnel surgery and could barely get meals on the table. My daughter came to my home in MN and brought 3 entrees from your church. They really came in handy. What a blessing that is when you need it. Thank you!”
In Touch
Gloria Dei “In Touch”
Some of our members are homebound and receive weekly mailing with devotional and bulletin. We would like to stay in connection with you even if you are unable to be here physically to join us. Please complete this form to be added to our “In Touch” mailing list.
Grief Ministry_1024x768
Grief Ministry
Grief is a common reaction to any kind of loss. Church staff and gifted member volunteers are part of a program that provides mailings, phone calls, food, and visits during the first year following a significant loss. Support is individualized for the person(s) and circumstances as the church accompanies the member with the steadfast presence and peace of a God who unites those he loves on the journey of loss.
Hero C.A.S.T.
Gloria Dei service people and families are matched with a C.A.S.T. member, who provides prayer, regular communication, mailings, and support depending on the individual’s situation. C.A.S.T. members also coordinate letter writing ministries for non-member service people in need of a friend during their deployment. Currently our quilters (both experienced and novices) are being led in creating “Quilts of Valor” for each of our deployed.
Hospitality Funeral C.A.S.T.
Mission: To bring Christ’s welcome and hospitality to a grieving family and their guests who have come to celebrate the life of a loved one. 
The funeral lunch is a time to host and serve the family in the comfort of food and afford the grieving family the opportunity for their extended family and friends to share words of comfort and condolence with one another.
If you would like to be added to those contacted to serve when the need arises, click the graphic to email Judi Schwerin and we will add you to the list. You can serve when you are able.
lactation consultant
Lactation Consultation
Bringing baby home can be a transition. If you are nursing your new one and have questions, need support, or are just wondering how much is baby eating while nursing, contact our Gloria Dei member Mary Schultz, a retired RN lactation nurse, for consultation in direction and encouragement. This ministry is available to all new moms. 
Prayer Shawl
Prayer Shawl Ministry
In times of transition, or in time of trial we can all use extra hugs and extra prayers. Both hugs and prayers can be felt in the gift of a prayer shawl. Prayers are woven into every prayer shawl as they are knitted or crocheted by church members. Shawls available for all to share with others and are given in times of joy, celebration, sickness, and grief. 
To knit or crochet a shawl (suggested pattern provided) or to be given a shawl, click the graphic above to contact us.
“Your gift (prayer shawl) was at my home when I arrived from burying my husband. I have already worn it to feel the presence of good and of God’s love. Thank you so much!!”
S.I.G.H. Clinic
Assist at the SIGH (Stepping into Good Health Clinic) monthly, a free foot clinic for those who do not have insurance or have limited resources for health care. Volunteers are need to help in welcoming guests, chatting, helping in other ways. Volunteers do not administer foot care.
Special Services
Special Services
There are times when we are struggling and could use a boost from the acknowledgement of the struggle. Gloria Dei offers special services at various times throughout to offer that support to others.
Service of Hope and Remembrance is offered during Advent for those experiencing grief transition during the holiday season. Healing Services
are available for those seeking healing in body, mind, and spirit. Complete the form below and we will be in contact with you.
Stephen Ministry
Are you experiencing a struggle? Or have you just come through a difficult time and want to now support others? Structured training program equips lay members to provide confidential, longer term, and one-to-one Christian care to individuals in the congregation who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Ongoing education and peer supervision are part of this program’s commitment to excellence. Use the form below to contact us regarding Stephen Ministry.
Walking Souls
Walking Souls
A church walking program designed to get you or keep you in shape, while walking in the church or anywhere. Logs, t-shirts, encouragements and incentives are part of the program. Walking in church building during office hours is welcomed, especially during inclement weather. Join us for a walk to better health!
Women In Transition
Women in Transition (WIT)
Women of any age who have lost their spouse are welcome to meet for dinner monthly. This is a wonderful time for widows to meet, have fun, and support one another living as single persons again. Consider yourself invited if you are a widow and can benefit from a good social time, support, and friendship.
Want more information? Click on any ministry and contact us- we look forward to connecting with you!
If you’d like contact, our Parish Nurse.