Worship at Gloria Dei Saturdays 5:00pm, Sundays 9:00am and 10:30am
Ukrainian Family Sponsorship
on July 29th, 2022
Hello Gloria Dei,  Christ calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus says, “When you help one who is hungry or in need of clothing, you have done it to me.”   This weekend in worship, Gloria Dei member Tom Fitz will be announcing our desire to sponsor a family from war-torn Ukraine. Working together with Lutheran Social Services, we are aware that Ukrainian families are arriving in our sta...  Read More
Regular Worship and a Pet Blessing
on July 22nd, 2022
But the 10:30 time frame, this weekend only, will be a short time of blessing and prayers for our pets and all of God’s creation.  Read More
All Creatures of our God and King
on July 15th, 2022
"... Trinity has gotten along just fine with only one hind leg. I look forward to sharing with you how dogs often give us a glimpse into God’s full and unconditional love for us."   Read More
Two Important and Fun Events
on July 8th, 2022
Please mark these events on your calendars. You are cordially invited.  Read More
Happy 4th of July and Another Holy Land Trip
on July 1st, 2022
"We have much for which to be thankful, and the tenets upon which our founders built this country certainly are a part of our gratitude lists. Happy 4th of July. As you have heard, Pastor Sarah Goldammer is leading a trip to the Holy Land this spring. This trip is getting close to capacity, and so I want to lift up another local group heading to the Holy Land for your consideration."  Read More
Executive Pastor / COO Search
on June 24th, 2022
... Sara Dannen, and I sent an email letter to the congregation regarding our search for an Executive Pastor / COO. As we explained in that letter, this position is open to qualified clergy and lay persons within the church. As an update, our Call Committee has met twice.  Read More
Sojourners with Jesus
on June 17th, 2022
" ... we are sojourners through this life and this world, and that our true home is in heaven forever. Yes, we are travelers and sojourners, and our lives matter to God."  Read More
Summer on the Mount
on June 10th, 2022
He gives us our identity and purpose, as salt and light for the world, in his name. He then goes on to describe what this way, or new kingdom looks like. As you read through these three chapters, you will discover that these are not easy teachings. Yet Jesus casts a vision for what his desired kingdom looks like, even as it is breaking into the world even now.  Read More
Thanks for the Conversation
on June 3rd, 2022
... last week’s Friday Followings in which I encouraged all of us to Pray and Act in response to the recent shootings in our nation. I thank you for taking me up on the invitation for dialogue. I hope to keep the dialogue going. I thank you for your continued prayers for the victims and their families, and for the many who have said they have and will write to our government representatives. I hope we can continue to talk of this and other issues with respect and trust of one another. It is helpful conversation. Another part of this conversation is, of course, mental health.   Read More
Lord, Have Mercy
on May 27th, 2022
I had written another version of this Friday Following message earlier this week. And then the unthinkable happened, again. Another mass shooting. To be very honest, I struggle with what to say. We all have been bombarded with news reports and social media comments. Is there something… anything to say?  Read More
Happy Thanksgiving… But Wait, It’s Ma
on May 20th, 2022
I can still picture the smile on his face when he said, “Thank You”. It was a reminder to me that life is much better when we can pause and say thank you – living always with a sense of gratitude.  Read More
Thank You Teachers and Volunteers
on May 13th, 2022
Paul didn’t condemn their ways, he simply and profoundly found a way to connect Jesus to their world. Paul was a gifted teacher and witness for Christ. This weekend is the final weekend for church school classes for this school year. As we come to the close of this school and program year, I want to say a big word of thanks to all ...  Read More
What Must I Do to be Saved?
on May 6th, 2022
Hello Gloria Dei,“What must I do to be saved?” Never in the history of humankind has there been a more important question. In our brief preaching series entitled “Easter People”, we are spending a bit of time in the book of Acts. The question about salvation is asked by a jailor who is given the job of keeping the apostles, Paul and Silas, in prison.I encourage you to read about all of this in Act...  Read More
Community Events - You Are Invited
on April 29th, 2022
This week I simply want to highlight two of the many events that are happening in and through Gloria Dei.  Read More
Executive Pastor/COO Search
on April 22nd, 2022
... to let you know that at our recent Church Council meeting, we made the decision to move forward in filling the Executive Pastor / COO position that was vacated by Pastor Stensgaard upon his retirement this past December. Our Council President, Sara Dannen, and I will be sending an email letter to all members of the congregation within the next two weeks. In our letter we will provide more details regarding the search/call process.  Read More
Our True and Certain Hope
on April 15th, 2022
This question sets the stage for all of us. What are you looking for? We all want a meaningful, purpose-filled life. We all are hoping for real life and truth.   Read More
Palm Sunday
on April 8th, 2022
Some 2000 years ago, as Jesus walked the road, people were lining the streets, waving their palm branches and hailing him as their king. “Hosanna to the Son of David”, they shouted in celebration. Hosanna is a word used to express praise and joy. It also can mean “God Save Us.”  Read More
Entire Gloria Dei Staff Resigns
on April 1st, 2022
I am deeply saddened to tell you that the entire Gloria Dei staff, lay and clergy, have resigned their positions, effective immediately.  Read More