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Many Things and The Important Things

Hello Gloria Dei

Pastor Amy here. This week my daughter Pria spent a few sick days at home. It seems the beginning of the school year viruses are making the rounds right now. On Wednesday, I worked from home to be with Pria. I got her settled with cough drops and Powerade in front of a movie and then I settled down to work. I got out my computer, my Bible, and a cold Diet Coke. I was ready to focus…but then I thought I should just throw in a load of laundry quickly while I was home, and then I remembered I hadn’t watered my plants yet, and then there was a stack of unread mail to sort through. Much like the story of Martha in the Bible, I was distracted by many things rather than focusing on the important things.

This can happen a lot. Life offers us almost endless distractions to fill our time. There is always social media to scroll through, a new series to start on Netflix, and I have yet to find an end to my email inbox or laundry basket. The problem with so many of these distractions is that while they fill our time, they leave us empty. They take us away from our relationships with God and one another.

That is why it is vital that we set aside time for the important things. I invite you to continue reading through the New Testament with us this year. For this weekend we are reading Mark chapters 5-6. Intentionally taking time reading scripture not only brings us closer to God, it changes how we live in the world. When we are regularly reading the Bible we are able to take our faith into every interaction we have and every decision we make.

I look forward to seeing you in worship this weekend where we will proclaim the most important thing: God's unending love for us.

In Christ,

Pastor Amy

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