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Life in Proper Perspective

Hello Gloria Dei,

I grew up in a household of eight people. Of those eight, four had August birthdays. My birthday was the same week as both my mom and my dad. And actually, my dad and I shared the same day. My older brother Dan has a birthday in August too. And my parents’ Wedding Anniversary fell in August as well. Lots of celebrating in August.

Birthdays are worth celebrating. Why? Because the gift of life God provides us is precious.
The question becomes, how will we use our lives? What is the purpose of you and me being alive and living in the world that God created and loves?

We all have a hundred or more things going on in life at the same time. For example, there are a lot of nuances to our many and varied relationships. There are a lot of decisions, both big and small, that are made constantly. Take a moment or two to ponder all that is going on in your life these days. Sometimes it is hard to keep up. So, how do we keep it all in proper perspective?

Beginning on September 10 and 11, we, as a congregation, are going to spend a year reading and preaching through the entire New Testament. You will be provided with a reading schedule so that you can read the week ahead the chapters we will be focusing on in worship.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of you committing to reading and worshiping your way through the New Testament this coming year. Why? Because within this gift of life that God provides, you and I need grounding. We need to know, amidst all the details of our sometimes-crazy lives, that there is a purpose to it all; that there is a Creator who loves us, walks with us, and gives us a calling to make a difference in this world.

I’ve shared with you many times the prayer I say every day. “Lord, use me.” “Lord, use me.” It is a prayer that gets its legs and content from a living, dynamic, relationship with Jesus. And that relationship is nurtured, and it grows, from spending time in Bible reading, prayer, worship, Christian relationships, and giving to the purposes of God.

This coming year at Gloria Dei you will hear the phrase, “Fully Engaged” used many times. Being fully engaged in our walk with God is key to keeping this gift of life in proper perspective. We are here on God’s behalf, called to be salt and light in Jesus’ name. Let us all stay fully engaged in our faith journey.

I’m looking forward to a great year ahead, rooted and grounded in the life-giving Word of God.
See you in worship,

Pastor Tim
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