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A Promise to Hold Onto

Hello Gloria Dei,

This is Pastor Amy. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying these beautiful summer days!

When I was growing up my siblings and I loved to play the game of keeping a balloon up in the air. (If you are a fan of the cartoon Bluey, I believe those puppies call this game keepy uppy.) We would pretend the balloon was a bomb and if it hit the ground it would explode. The only way to stay safe was to make it into our bedrooms and under our covers before the balloon hit the ground.

Our bedrooms were our safe spaces.

As I got older my bedroom became a safe space in new ways. A refuge away from my noisy younger siblings, a place to get a little privacy as a talked on the phone, and a place to blast grunge rock after a long, hard day in high school.

We all need those safe places. Those places we can go and feel safe and secure. This weekend we finish our sermon series on the Psalms with Psalm 46.  As you read this Psalm, you will hear that God promises to be that safe place for us. When we find trouble and tumult, God will be our refuge and strength.  No matter how out of control our world feels, we have the promise that God is always present with us. This is a promise to hold onto always.

Often in those times of trouble we experience God’s presence through faithful people who walk with us. At Gloria Dei our Stephen Ministry program provides caring individuals to provide one on one support to those who are hurting. We will be offering training for new Stephen Ministers in September, if you would be interested in attending the training or learning more about the Stephen Ministry program, please let me know.

In Christ,

Pastor Amy

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