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Praise and Proclaim, Worship and Witness

Happy Friday, Gloria Dei!
Pastor Chris here. I’m excited to show up in your email inbox today and I’m praying you’re having a great end to your week. God has definitely blessed us with some hot summer weather and for all you heat lovers out there, it’s been a perfect week.
I want to extend two invitations to you today. First, I want to invite you to worship and praise. Join us as we worship God together. We have some fun planned this weekend, singing your top-requested hymns; and we even have a special choir formed to lead you in singing!

I’ve always loved hymns. I love band-led praise and worship songs, too. But hymns are like stepping into a river that’s been flowing for generations and joining your voice to those generations, past and future. Hymns have been crafted for congregational singing. They aren’t meant to be played for your listening enjoyment, but to add your voice to the chorus of people who have sung them to lift their spirits and bring joy to their lives.
Our Scripture reading for the weekend is Psalm 100. The Psalms were the original hymn book of the Israelite people. Psalm 100 is a song of praise and thanksgiving that gives voice to the faithfulness of God to all generations. When we read Psalm 100, we step into an even more ancient river of generations of people who have sung praise to God.

Psalm 100 says, “Know that the Lord is God. It is he that made us, and we are his.” We belong to God, we are God’s people. So as God’s people, we sing. “[We] make a joyful noise to the Lord.” Notice it doesn’t say, “Make a perfect harmony.” Your joyful noise is all the praise and worship God needs.
But as God’s people, we don’t stop with praise. We also proclaim. We join our voices to the chorus of God’s people who have witnessed and proclaimed the Good News of God to all the world. Worship should lead us to witness. Praise should lead us to proclaim. We are meant to gather and sing together AND we are meant to go and share the Good News together, too.

Which leads me to my second invitation: Come witness to and proclaim the Good News with us! Gloria Dei has so many amazing opportunities for you to find where you belong, to make new friends, and to witness to and proclaim the Good News of God along the way!

Our staff are incredible leaders and faithful servants. They work so hard to lead us all in proclaiming the Good News. Our Worship and Evangelism team proclaims through music, technology, ushering, serving communion, greeting, etc. We have an awesome Children, Youth and Family team to lead you in church school teaching, leading confirmation small groups, caring for children in the nursery, etc. Mission and Outreach ministry is packed with opportunities to serve together out in the world. Congregational Care meets the needs of our congregation and beyond with loving service to those who are experiencing the highs and lows of life.
As the people of God, we praise and proclaim, we worship and witness. I want to invite you to do this together. We have some awesome stuff going on. You can find a place to belong, make new friends, and praise and proclaim the Good News of God as you do it.

We have some big, immediate needs for you to engage with below. Scroll down and join us!
Let’s GO Gloria Dei!

-Pastor Chris
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