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Ukrainian Family Sponsorship

Hello Gloria Dei, 
Christ calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus says, “When you help one who is hungry or in need of clothing, you have done it to me.”  
This weekend in worship, Gloria Dei member Tom Fitz will be announcing our desire to sponsor a family from war-torn Ukraine. Working together with Lutheran Social Services, we are aware that Ukrainian families are arriving in our state on an almost daily basis. The need is urgent. Our sponsorship would last up to one year. 
If you would like to help, you are able to provide assistance in three ways.  
Number One: Financial Gifts. Partnering with LSS, the sponsoring church or organization is responsible for approximately $20 thousand for the year. We hope to raise this and maybe even a bit more. If you wish, you can write a check to Gloria Dei, earmarked “Ukraine Family Fund”. Or, we have a “Text to Give” option. Text 605-277-7321. Be sure to enter the dollar amount followed by a space, and then type Ukraine. New users will be given direction as to the preferred payment method. No gift is too small, as together I believe we can reach our goal. 
Number Two: In Kind Gifts. We do not yet have the family and number of kids they may have. But we will be setting up an apartment and providing what is needed. Once we get the number of people and ages we will publish a list of what is needed. One of our members, Michael Cornette, will be tracking this for us. For now, just wait to see what might be needed. Please do not drop items off at the church. We are working with LSS to set up the best process to receive in-kind gifts. 
Number Three: Mentors. This will include befriending this family and assistance at grocery stores, school, language, transportation until driver’s licenses are secured, etc… 
I am pleased that we have a group of men from our Wednesday morning Bible Study who have agreed to be the organizers of this effort, but your help is needed. Be sure to check with Tom after worship this week and please know we will provide more details very soon. For now, pray for these families and for their country, and pray about how you might be willing to help as you are able. 
Together in Christ, 
Pastor Tim 

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