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Thank You Teachers and Volunteers

Hello Gloria Dei,

For this weekend in worship, we have a fascinating text from the book of Acts. As you prepare for worship, please read Acts 17:16-31.

Within this account, the apostle Paul preaches in the city of Athens. Athens was filled with philosophers who spent their days talking and debating ideas on the big questions of God and life. In Athens there were temples dedicated to many gods. There was even one dedicated to the “Unknown God”.

Note how Paul uses their own context to present the real and true God, who is creator of everything and who came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ. Paul didn’t condemn their ways, he simply and profoundly found a way to connect Jesus to their world. Paul was a gifted teacher and witness for Christ.

This weekend is the final weekend for church school classes for this school year. As we come to the close of this school and program year, I want to say a big word of thanks to all of our Church School Teachers, Confirmation Small Group Leaders, Classroom Helpers, High School Leaders, Music Leaders, Preschool Teachers and Helpers, Choirs and Musicians, Ushers, Lectors, Communion Assistants, and all of the hundreds of volunteers that make this congregation so vibrant and strong. Gloria Dei is so very blessed by people who, like Paul, are gifted teachers and witnesses for Christ.

Thank You!

And even though some of our programming takes a break for the summer, these summer months are filled with Day Camp, Vacation Bible School, Lutherans Outdoors Camps for various ages, and so much more. Thank you again to all the volunteers who make this happen in the name of Christ. Jesus is being proclaimed and by way of the Holy Spirit, faith is being created and strengthened.

And just a reminder, we will be saying thank you to Tanya Stadem this weekend for her 15 years of service as a member of our Office Staff. She will be present at all three weekend services. Card baskets will be available if you’d like to bring a card. Tanya is a shining light at Gloria Dei, often being the first person a guest or visitor encounters as they call or come to Gloria Dei. Please make sure you say thanks to Tanya.

Thank you, Tanya Stadem, for letting Christ’s light shine in and through you to all of us within this community of faith called Gloria Dei.

Just one more thing: If you’re looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend your Sunday afternoon, come on down to the Levitt and enjoy “Love Sioux Falls”, an hour-long, community wide, worship service. Worship begins at 4:00 p.m. Bring a lawn chair and sing praises to God.
See you in worship,

Pastor Tim
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