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Jesus’ Foot-Washing Brigade

Hello Gloria Dei,

I know of a church in California that has a plaque above the Exit of their sanctuary which simply reads, “Servants’ Entrance”.

I know of another church in the Twin Cities that has similar signs posted for all to see as they drive their cars out of the church’s parking lot.

I like that! We come to church to be fed. We are fed by God’s sustaining and life-giving word. We are fed by the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. In word and sacrament God meets us, comforts us, forgives us, strengthens us, challenges us, calls us, feeds us, and then God sends us out of the sanctuary and out of the parking lot into the world. And out in the world our role is to be servants in the name of Christ.

That’s why at the end of every worship service we say, “Go in Peace and Serve the Lord.”
This week in worship we continue our journey through the gospel of John. We’ve arrived at chapter 13. For this weekend, please read 13:1-17. In this section of Scripture Jesus washes the disciples’ feet. He does this as an act of service, modeling for the disciples, and for us, the proper way to live in this world.

And the very interesting thing about living lives of service is that in doing so, we truly find ourselves. We discover what abundant life is truly all about.

This week, whether it is signing up to serve with Laundry with Love, or another ministry of the church… or whether it is caring for a loved one in need… or mentoring a young person… or teaching Church School… or giving a caring word to a friend… find a way to serve. I challenge you to be deliberate in naming and carrying out at least one way in which you can be of service to someone else this week. And then keep it going, week after week after week after week.
Jesus has enlisted you, me, and all of us, to be part of his “foot-washing brigade”. What do you say Gloria Dei? Let’s get at it.

See you in worship,

Pastor Tim
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