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Mulling over the Miracles

Hey Gloria Dei,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous week. As you look back on the week, where are the places and times you’ve seen the Lord’s handiwork in your life or in the life of those around you?

So often in my life I find myself just sort of cruising along and not paying attention. It isn’t until something dramatic happens (good or bad) that I can see God at work. To be honest, the day to day stuff seems more like mundane monotony than it does miraculous. The miraculous is rarely measurable and mostly miniscule. That is until I look back.

Mull over your week and spend some time in prayer this weekend, talking to God and asking for God to reveal those miniscule miracles in your seemingly mundane or monotone week. I guarantee the miracles will be much more measurable! (Can you tell I’m having fun with alliteration this week?!)

Where is God at work? What is God up to? I’m sure that God is doing something in your life and you just have to pay attention and slow down. If you’re having trouble seeing God at work, maybe try coming back to God’s promises.

God promises forgiveness, eternal life, and a welcome into His family of faith. These are big promises and I can guarantee that you’ll find God at work in those ways. God doesn’t go back on His promises. If you’re still having trouble, join us in church and there’s no way you’ll get out of here without at least those three promises from God.

Speaking of church, you can join us on Saturday at 5pm or Sunday morning at 9am or 10:30am. If you can’t be here in person, hop online at 9am Sunday morning and join us live!

We’re in John’s Gospel again this week; this time chapter 9. Jesus heals a man born blind. It’s an incredible story and the details are worth paying attention to. We’ll get to a few of those details in worship together, but read along with us and dig in for yourself, too!

The healing gift of God is hard to miss in this story and make a huge impact on the man’s life. He even has the boldness to question the Pharisees a little bit when they start to press him on Jesus and why Jesus would heal him on the Sabbath day when the law forbids it. The man really doesn’t seem to care much about what the law says; he’s just excited to be healed. And in his excitement, he comes to a firm belief in Jesus.

Can you imagine this man looking back on his life and remembering this mighty miracle moment? Can you imagine the mighty miracle he would have been able to tell others about? Can you imagine how incredible it would be to see God in this way? I love this story. Make some time to dig in with us this weekend. And spend some time with God, mulling over the miracles (miniscule or mighty) in your life.

Hope to see you in church!

-Pastor Chris
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