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Super Bowl and the Bread of Life

Hello Gloria Dei,

Sunday is the big game. And even though my team, the Vikings, won’t be playing in it… again… I will be watching. How about you? I don’t have a particular favorite in this year’s game, although I probably will find myself cheering for Matthew Stafford and the Rams. How about you?

And I know that if you’re watching the game, you will also no doubt be eating something as you enjoy the football and the commercials. I did some research and discovered the top the most popular Super Bows foods this year. They are as follows:
  1. Chips and Dip
  2. Chicken Wings (1.4 billion wings will be consumed)
  3. Pizza
  4. Nachos
  5. Cheese and Crackers
  6. Cookies
  7. Burgers
  8. Meatballs
  9. Tacos
  10. Ice Cream

Now, I will be partaking in some of these top ten, and it is always a good time to gather with friends and family. But I will admit that the top ten list doesn’t appear to be terribly healthy. But hey, it’s the Super Bowl, right?

Let me tell you what is healthy, not just for now, but for eternity. It is Jesus, the Bread of Life. This week in worship we will be reading John 6:35-59. I encourage you to read all of chapter six. Early in chapter six, Jesus feeds the 5000 with only five loaves and two fish. In our text (v 51) Jesus says, “I am the living bread that comes down from heaven; whoever eats of this bread will live forever.”

Using a food metaphor, I urge you to keep on consuming God’s word. Read it. Digest it. Reflect on it. Ask it questions. Watch and listen for responses. As you do, you begin to live with Jesus, the Bread of Life. In him you and I find our very purpose and meaning for life. In him we have the promise of eternal life. This is the healthy food for our souls.

And as we consume, digest, and abide with the living Word, Jesus himself, we can’t help but discover that our lives are meant to be used in service for others.

As we’ve done in years past, this weekend we will have two baskets in the front of the sanctuary. One will have the Rams logo. The other will have the Bengals logo. We will all have opportunity to put change and/or bills into these baskets. You can put money into the basket of whichever team you want to win. All of the money collected in these baskets will then be given away to Feeding South Dakota, a local organization that helps to feed those in need.

We are blessed by Jesus, the Bread of Life, and we called to be a blessing to others.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel. And enjoy the game!

Pastor Tim
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