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Epiphany - Aha

Hello Gloria Dei,

In the church year, following the season of Christmas, we move into what is called the season of Epiphany. Following Epiphany comes the season of Lent, then Easter, and finally into the long season of Pentecost.

Now that the twelve days of Christmas have passed, we begin in Epiphany. Epiphany literally means “to show, to reveal, or to make known.” To have an epiphany is, therefore, having something revealed or made known to us. It is kind of like having an “Aha Moment”. Following Christmas, we realize that God has made himself fully known to us; he has revealed himself to us in the person of Jesus, born in a manger, destined for the cross and resurrection, and filled with love and grace. “Aha. So that’s what God is like.”

During this season and on through the season of Easter, we will be reading and preaching through the gospel of John as a congregation. This past week we read chapters one and two. If you haven’t yet, please do.

Within these chapters, what do you discover? What is revealed or made known to you? John reveals to us that Jesus, the Word made flesh, was with God from the very beginning. We discover, too, that God, who is not bound by time or space, actually becomes a human being. And in him, there is light and life.

We discover that Jesus invites people to come and join him in his ministry of making God’s Kingdom known to all. Jesus also invites us to “Come and See” and to “Abide with him”.
Chapter two begins with Jesus’ very first miracle, the turning of water into wine at the Cana wedding. This will be my preaching text for the weekend. What do we discover? That Jesus enjoyed a good party? Well, yes. But there’s more.

In Jesus there is something new. Not the old ways of the Law which dictated rules which became burdens… but new wine, symbolizing a New Covenant. The way to God is not through absolute purity and a perfect adherence to a check list of do’s and don’ts, but now it is through faith in Jesus Christ. And that faith and trust gets put into action to love and serve God and neighbor.

I invite you to keep on reading. Keep on studying. Keep on asking questions of the biblical text. Keep on discussing with friends and family. As John 2:11 says, In Jesus, God’s glory is revealed. May you be blessed with lots of “Aha” moments as you dig into God’s word.

Watch and listen for God’s activity in your life. And make every effort to be present in worship, either in person or online, where God meets us in Word and Sacrament.

One more thing today. This Sunday the Youth Group is preparing and serving a full Pancake Breakfast from 9:00 to 11:15 a.m. It is a Fundraiser for summer Mission Trips. Please give generously to support our youth, while enjoying a great breakfast.

Happy Epiphany!
Pastor Tim
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