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God's Peaceful Kingdom

Hello Gloria Dei,

One of the great biblical texts of Advent is Isaiah chapter 11, verses 1 through 9. It is a vision of how God desires things to be. It is a vision of the Peaceful Kingdom of God. Wolf and Lamb, Calf and Lion, all living together peacefully; not devouring one another; not seeking harm to the other.

Of course, the animal kingdom serves as a metaphor for how God envisions things amongst us humans. Unfortunately, try as we might, for centuries upon centuries, we can’t muster the strength to make it happen. Nations continue to rise up against other nations. Individuals still seek their own gain and power at the expense of others. What a predicament!

The Good News that we prepare for at Christmas is that God has decided to take matters into His own hands. Knowing that we can’t or won’t save ourselves; knowing that our efforts, as noble as they are at times, have not yet brought about the lasting peace God envisions, God chooses to act.

And act God does. Jesus is born. The Prince of Peace arrives. Hearts are changed. Lives are transformed. The fruits of the Spirit begin to take root and manifest themselves in acts of kindness. People are filled with joy, peace, patience, and love. The world is changed, one person at a time, as Christ takes up residence in the hearts of his followers. Sins are forgiven. People are set free.

No, the world isn’t perfect. One day, heaven will be perfect. Yet the Kingdom of God arrives into this world in the person of Jesus. And Jesus’ Spirit remains with us today. God’s way is seeping its way across the world. A new day in dawning. Pay attention. Watch, wait, anticipate. See with eyes of faith. The breaking in of the Kingdom of Peace is all around.

Celebrate Christmas. It is great news. The Prince of Peace is here. May the peace that passes all understanding fill your hearts and minds. And may the peace of Christ be spread throughout the world. Our Savior is coming. Are you ready?

Pastor Tim

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