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Is There Any Good News to Share

Hello Gloria Dei,

I mentioned at our staff meeting earlier this week that I was watching the evening news. I heard the warnings from the UN on global warming. I saw the alarming footage of what is taking place in Afghanistan. I heard reports and saw pictures of the very difficult situation in Haiti, made even more dire by the recent earthquake. I saw the devastation wrought by the Dixie fire in California. And on it went.

And I thought to myself, “What is going on? The world is out of control.”

I know that every generation has had similar ponderings when world and local events wreak havoc. Yet it was alarming, nonetheless. And I wondered, “Is there any good news to share?”

We are moving through a four-week preaching series called “The Greatest Storyteller Ever”. Of course, we are referring to Jesus. Within Jesus’ parables and stories, he brings Good News. In fact, he brings the best news. Through Jesus’ stories, we learn of and experience the very Kingdom of God. We get to know a God who is filled with love and care for this world. We get to know a God who is willing to share in this world’s suffering in order to bring about life.

In a world where bad news seems to dominate, get to know the stories Jesus tells. They are stories that speak the truth; the truth that God and God’s love ultimately win the day.

I will be preaching on one of Jesus’ parables this weekend. It’s not an easy one. It may make us a bit uncomfortable. And that’s okay. God’s word enters this world and our lives to do battle with the stuff of sin and death. It ought to make us squirm a bit. Yet, even the tough parables are filled with the good news of God’s love.

And furthermore, Jesus’ parables invite us to participate in bringing life to our sisters and brothers in Christ. In that regard we have set up a

Haiti Assistance Fund

We have a matching gift of up to $2000, so if you’d like to donate, you have opportunity both online and in worship. The funds will be given equally to the Lutheran Disaster Response for Haiti, and Mission Haiti, with whom Gloria Dei is aligned in the sponsorship of children.

As you prepare for worship this weekend, please read Luke 16:19-31.

See you in worship, either in person or online. The 9:00 a.m. Sunday service is always livestreamed and is available on demand later in the day and throughout the week.

Pastor Tim

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