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My Cup Overflows

As has been documented and commented on many, many times, this has been a challenging past year and a half. Lives have been negatively impacted, even many lives lost, due to the COVID 19 virus. Yet through it all, as Christians, we know that God is present and working, even in the midst (sometimes especially in the midst) of challenging times.

I was reading a commentary recently on the Psalms. When I arrived at Psalm 23, the author noted that in biblical times an overflowing cup was a sign from the host of the house to the guests in the house that they were welcome. When the cup at the table was full, they knew they could stay and enjoy fellowship together. But when the cup was sitting empty, it was a sign to the guests that the hour was getting late, and it was time to go. If the host wanted the guests to remain for many days, he would continue to fill the cup to the brim… even to overflowing.
God tells us in Psalm 23 that God prepares a table for us even during challenging times, and the cup at the table is overflowing.

Dear friends, have you ever noticed how wet your table is? God invites you to stay in his house forever. Jesus said it this way: “Abide with me”. No matter how challenging life gets; no matter what is in our past or what lies ahead, God’s table is prepared for us. Our cup is filled to overflowing. The joy and love of Christ fills our hearts. We are welcomed into God’s presence now and forever. And that’s great news!

Just a reminder that we will highlight once again this weekend the strong impact of camping ministry. Our guest preacher will be Paul Hanson, Executive Director of Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota. In preparation for this weekend’s worship, please read Daniel 6:16-23 about the miracle of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

See you in worship, either in person or online. Livestream worship is Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

Pastor Tim

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