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Does the Bible Really Say That? (Week Three)

Our society today is filled with people searching for truth, searching for meaning, searching for purpose, and searching for abundant and eternal life. Certainly, this isn’t new with our current generation; nonetheless, a longing to “fill the hole in my soul” is prevalent in our world today.

So, in response to that, what does the Bible say? Does the Bible say that Jesus is “one of many options?” That will be our topic for this week in worship. Does Jesus himself claim to be a way and a truth? No, the Bible makes it clear, and Jesus makes the claim in many ways, that he truly is the Son of God; and that he is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE… not just one of many options.

Read through the whole gospel of John this week. But if you’re not able to read all of it, then read six short verses: John 14:1-6.

A few announcements:

We are grateful for our High School Mission Trip going on this week. 62 of our young people, together with adult sponsors, have been working and serving all over Sioux Falls in the name of Christ. It has been a remarkable week of giving glory to God in worship, fellowship, and service.

We are blessed, too, by having over 33 of our early confirmation students up at Camp NeSoDak this week. Pictures and texts from Pastor Sarah and Lakyn have given tribute to what a great week everyone is having. From campfires and camp songs to camp food and fellowship, to active bible studies, and wonderful friendships being formed… camping ministry is a gift from God. In the weeks to come we have over 50 more signed up. Praise be to God!

Also, we have two part-time job openings at Gloria Dei. The first is in the area of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry. Specifically, this position will assist in lesson planning and preparation for our Wednesday and Sunday Church School classes.

The second opening will assist our Business Manager as a financial secretary. The scheduling of outside groups using our facilities will also be a part of this job.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please click here.

See you in worship, either in person or online. Livestream worship is Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

Pastor Tim

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