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Ponder The Cross

I love the old story about the little girl who was lost in the middle of her city. A policeman found her. She was crying and told him that she didn’t know her way home. He asked if she knew her address. “Nope.” How about a phone number? “Nope”. She didn’t know that either.

But then she looked up and saw the church in middle of the city with its big Cross stretching to the sky. “I know the Cross”, she said. “Take me to the Cross and I can find my way home from there.”

The same is true for you and me. Why? Because at the Cross of Christ we discover God’s immense love for us and for this world. At the Cross we discover the forgiveness of our sin. At the Cross we find a God who runs out to meet us and welcome us home, even after we have wandered away and gotten ourselves lost.

This weekend in worship we continue our focus on the characters of Genesis. Jacob and Esau will be in the spotlight this week. These two brothers had a falling out. They became very angry with one another. Yet through the guidance and love of God, they came to the point of forgiveness and reconciliation. They came to the point of embracing and welcoming each other home.

The love found in the cross has the power to bring about forgiveness in your life too. It can and does bring reconciliation between family members and friends, but also between God and us.

When you feel lost, take a good look at the Cross. Ponder its profound meaning. Soak in the love God has for you. And you will soon be on your way back home.

See you in worship,

Pastor Tim
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