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Draft Day, the Vikings, and Abraham

These few days are kind of like a Holiday in our household, at least for my son Ben and me. You see, we are ardent Minnesota Vikings fans, and it is NFL Draft Weekend. And for Vikings fans like us, who have never experienced a Super Bowl winning season, Draft Day gives us hope. We will choose some players in the draft to get us over the hump and set out on a Super Bowl winning season.  

For the college players now entering the NFL, Draft Day is a big day too. Will their dream of playing professional football be realized? Will they be chosen? If so, which team will choose them? What will their future hold?

I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but Abraham and Sarah are kind of like the Vikings and the new players they will be choosing. You see, Abraham and Sarah were “drafted” by God for an important role. They were chosen by God and were given the promise of a “winning” future.  

Just as the NFL draft holds promise for the Vikings and for all the players chosen this weekend, so too God’s choosing of Abraham and Sarah is filled with promise. God asks them to leave their homeland and set out for a new one. God asks for their trust and makes a three-fold promise. “I will give you a promised land; I will fill it with your descendants; and furthermore, through you and this new nation, I will bless the whole world.”

The Good News is that the promises God gave to this patriarch and matriarch of the nation of Israel have all come true. Through Abraham and Sarah’s line, the world has been blessed with the Messiah, the Christ, Jesus, God in the flesh. God gave Sarah and Abraham a promise filled with hope. That hope has been realized, and continues to be realized, in Jesus.

For you and me, we too receive promises from God. Because of Christ, we are chosen. Through Christ, you have been “drafted” into God’s family and onto God’s team. You have an important role. It may not be blocking for the Running Back or throwing a pass like a Quarterback. Your role is way more important than that. Your role is to first and foremost trust the promises God gives to you; promises filled with hope; promises of a “winning” future. In Christ you are loved. In Christ you are forgiven. In Christ you are set free. In Christ you have abundant and eternal life. In Christ you are given your life’s purpose to love and serve others in Jesus’ name.

So, dear friends, know you are secure in the embrace of God’s love for you. No one can take that away. But then, use the freedom of that promise within your family, in your chosen vocation, with your friends, and with strangers you may never know, to bring hope and love to the world. At your baptism you were not only chosen and drafted by God, you were, and are, given a mandate to “Let Your Light Shine” for Jesus.

Just as football teams get creative in order to win games, so too you can be creative in how you shine your light within this world.

I have hope for the Vikings. That hope has sometimes let me down. But for you and me, because of Christ, we have a sure and certain hope in Jesus Christ. You are on God’s team. Your future is filled with hope. Afterall, that’s what Easter is all about.

Happy Draft Weekend to all of you. You are loved and chosen by God.

For this weekend, please read Genesis chapters 12 to 23. And a reminder that on Sunday, in between services at 10:00 a.m., we will be celebrating Gail Wilcox and giving thanks for her many years of service to Gloria Dei. Stop by and say thanks to Gail.

Pastor Tim

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