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Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!

Hello Gloria Dei,

Thanks to all for a great Holy Week. For all those who participated either in person or online; for all those many hands that helped make sure everything was ready and in place for us to proclaim the Good News of Christ’s death and resurrection for the world; for all those who weren’t able to be with us but worshiped with family in another location… to all, a big thank you!

Now, this week after Easter, we still proclaim that Christ has been raised from the dead. Luke continues the Easter story with Jesus’ appearance to two people on the road to Emmaus. In preparation for this weekend’s worship, please read Luke chapter 24.

The gospel writer Luke then goes on and tells the story of the early church in the book of Acts. God’s Holy Spirit does amazing acts through the early followers of Jesus.

Jesus still shows up today, like he does in Luke 24. Where and how do you experience the risen Christ in your life? The Holy Spirit is still on the loose in this world and in our lives. Where and how do you experience the Holy Spirit in your life?

If Jesus is alive, and His Holy Spirit now dwells in you, what does that mean for your life? Jesus has died for your sins and is alive. God forgives you. Does that empower you to more readily forgive others? Does that empower you to more readily seek forgiveness from others? God has shown his love for you unconditionally. Does that empower you to love unconditionally and to serve in Jesus’ name?

Pray this week that God's Holy Spirit will be the driving force in your life, empowering you to live as the person that God has made you to be. "You are a new creation in Christ", Paul says, and the Spirit enables us to live like the people we are: Women and Men of God.

See you in worship, online or in person!

Pastor Tim

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