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Signs of New Life

Hello Gloria Dei,

As we move this weekend toward the official start of Spring, we are reminded of course of new life. And while the COVID pandemic continues to wreak its havoc on our world, there are signs that we are moving rapidly in a positive direction. There are signs of new life.

Over this past year Gloria Dei, along with so many other churches, businesses, schools and organizations, has had to alter the way in which ministry is done. However, the mission and ministry of Christ has continued. And we are seeing signs of new life all around us.

For example, this weekend we will welcome approximately fifty new members into the Gloria Dei family of God. Some will be present in worship; others will be worshiping at home. But nonetheless, the gospel of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed and people are responding. For this, we give praise to God.

Among those joining this weekend is the family of Pastor Amy Martinell. Pastor Amy is our new Associate Pastor of Congregational Care. I ask that you give a big welcome to all of the new members this weekend. And, of course, a big welcome to Pastor Amy, her husband Chuck, and their three children, Alexa, Pria, and Grayson.

Of course, Easter is our grand celebration of new life. Just a reminder that we are asking you to register for in-person Easter Worship. This is being done with safety in mind. As you know, Easter worship can get very crowded. Registrations are required in order to spread out the number of worshipers to all five of our Easter Celebration services.

The five in person Easter Celebration Worship Services are as follows:

Saturday, April 3, at 5:00 p.m. This Saturday service will include Holy Communion.
Sunday, April 4, at 7:30, 8:30, 9:40, and 10:50 a.m.

Worship will be capped at approximately 350 people per service. Please go to our website or use the following link to register you and your family members, www.gloriadei-sd.org/easter

If you prefer or are not able to be here in person, we will also have a Live Stream Easter Worship opportunity. The 9:40 a.m. Easter service will be livestreamed and will be available On Demand later in the day on Easter Sunday.

For worship this weekend please read Luke 19:1-10. Pastor Chris will preach on the theme “Finances, Furniture, and Following Jesus”.

Together in Christ,

Pastor Tim

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