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The Nurturing of Relationships

It was my older sister’s birthday yesterday. She is about a year and a half older than me. As we spoke on the phone yesterday, it was so fun to reminisce about times spent together while we were teenagers and young adults. We talked of how we have been blessed beyond compare in our lives.

In addition, I spent an hour on a Zoom meeting with other ELCA pastors from around our state. We spoke of ways to revitalize and invigorate ministry as we live through, and come out of, the current pandemic. One of the key topics was the nurturing of relationships.
Both my conversation with my sister, and the Zoom meeting with pastors, reminded me once again of the importance of relationships. During this pandemic we all miss so, so much, the coming together and doing life together. God created us to be in relationship and to be in community.

At Gloria Dei we continue to find ways to be together safely in person and to be together online within this increasingly digital world. I am so thankful for all of you and your commitment to this community of faith. And I am so excited to move forward as we build and gain momentum once again. This is a Holy Spirit led and filled congregation. God has great things in store for us as lives continue to be changed and uplifted by the gospel message.

Be sure to think of and pray for family members, friends, and fellow church members. And be intentional about making some phone calls to say hi. Relationships are of utmost importance.
This weekend please read Luke chapter nine in preparation for worship together. And I hope to see you on Sunday at our Annual Meeting at 11:45 in the sanctuary.
Reminder: The Annual Meeting of the congregation will take place this Sunday January 31, at 11:45 a.m. We will meet in the sanctuary. I encourage you to be here in person, but please know that we will have a Zoom option as well.

Immediately following the Annual Meeting we will convene a separate meeting, as required by our Church Constitution, to present and vote on a potential candidate for our Associate Pastor of Congregational Care Position. We anticipate both meetings combined lasting approximately 75 minutes.

Together in Christ,

Pastor Tim

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