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Do Not Be Afraid

Hello Gloria Dei,

The Bible tells us over and over again, “Do Not Be Afraid”. Some say that this phrase is recorded in the Bible 365 times, as a reminder each day. In reality, the exhortation to “Not Be Afraid” shows up about 400 times. Maybe we need to hear this from God even more than once a day.

There are many reasons to be afraid. Fear is one of our primary emotions. And sometimes fear is good, as it causes us to get out of harm’s way. Yet God knows that it is not healthy for us to go through life always filled with worry and fear.

In the sixth chapter of the book of Revelation the author, John, paints a picture for us of “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. Each of the horsemen represents a different fear or threat. While interpretations differ slightly, most will agree they represent “Conquest; War; Famine (or economic insecurity); and Death.” These are fears that every generation has faced and continues to face.

Today is the 19th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Terrorism and war are still real today, as is economic insecurity (some brought on by the current pandemic). And of course, we all face death. Yet the promise of Revelation is to stand firm because God is stronger and bigger than all our fears. God is stronger and bigger than all that we face. Filled with love for us, Jesus has defeated the enemies of sin and death by way of the cross and resurrection.

This weekend we will begin a three-week preaching series entitled “Be Not Afraid: Courageous Living in Christ.” I’m going to start it off on what would have been our Rally Weekend with a celebration of Easter. We need not fear death because Jesus has won the victory for us. The Bible calls death our final enemy. And the promise we have in Christ is that not even death can separate us from God’s love in Jesus.

I pray that God will encounter you once again today and each day. Watch for God. He is with you always and he speaks in various ways. And as he does, he brings you the assurance that faith in Christ casts out fear. Be Not Afraid. Live courageously in Christ.

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