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Calling an Associate Pastor of Congregational Care

In last week’s Friday Followings I wrote to you about our head custodian Jeff Riley and his retirement. This week I need to let you know that we are in the early stages of preparation for another big transition.

Judi Schwerin, our Faith Community Nurse, will be retiring sometime in 2021. Judi’s shoes will be impossible to fill. She heads up our Congregational Care Team with such care, dedication, and faithfulness. Yet I am appreciative of Judi letting us know so that we can begin our plans for this transition.

Knowing that this was coming at some point, we have had a transition team working with Judi and Pastor Dwight, in consultation with our Church Council, to forge a path ahead in this important area of Congregational Care.

I’d like to let you know that the Council has approved the transition group’s recommendation to begin the process of calling an ordained pastor to fill the role of Care Team Leader once Judi has retired. We still have some time, but the call process can take time, so we are beginning now by putting together a Call Committee and communicating with the South Dakota Synod in the appropriate ways.

Of course the care in this congregation to one another is done by all of us. That’s why we refer to it as Congregational Care. Yet there are so many great programs, small groups, and care needs that we certainly need to continue with a strong leader in this area. With a congregation of 3500 and growing, this is a good and proper step. The plan moving forward is that once the new pastor is on board, we will work to call a Faith Community Nurse to join the team.

So, if you hear that Gloria Dei is in process to call another Associate Pastor, you will know that, yes, that is correct. And you now know why. The official title will be Associate Pastor of Congregational Care, with approximately 65% of his or her time being dedicated to this area of ministry. With support from all the pastors, staff, and all of you, this person will find Gloria Dei to be a wonderful and caring community in which to assume this role.

You will be hearing more details about all of this as we move forward into the fall and into 2021. Once the time comes to issue a call, we will have a congregational meeting for information and approval. Please keep Judi and Gloria Dei in your prayers as we embark on this important process.

We know that God is good, all the time. God is leading this mission and ministry at Gloria Dei, always centered in the love given, received, and shared in the name of Jesus.

God’s Blessings and Happy Father’s Day this Sunday to all the Dads out there. In preparation for worship please read Jesus’ great Parable of the Talents, found in Matthew 25:14-30.

See you online for worship,

Pastor Tim

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