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Thank You Jeff Riley! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We’ve known for some time now that this day was coming. But it is still hard to say goodbye.
Jeff Riley, our head custodian at Gloria Dei for many years now, is retiring. Jeff began at Gloria Dei back in 1997. Through these years Jeff has taken the lead on making sure our buildings and grounds have always been clean, inviting, and in good shape.

Jeff was also extremely instrumental, together with others, when the time came in 2011 to physically move Gloria Dei’s furniture and belongings from our former site to this new campus.

Being here at church on a daily basis, I see first-hand the amount of work and effort it takes to keep Gloria Dei running smoothly. Take a look at our church calendar during any particular week or month when ministries are up and running, and you can just imagine the logistics of making sure everything is set up, clean, and ready to go for the next bible study, worship service, church school class, preschool class, fellowship event, youth gathering, fellowship meal, new member class, and on down the line.

Jeff as head custodian, with stellar assistance from Gordy Albers, has done a truly remarkable job.

And I know Jeff well enough to know that for him it has always been a ministry. His work has contributed to the faith and well-being of thousands of people through the years. When people gather for worship, for example, I know that Jesus is present. Jeff’s efforts have made Gloria Dei such an inviting place that countless numbers of people’s faith journey with Christ have been strengthened and impacted in a positive way.

Jeff’s last day of work at Gloria Dei will be June 22. The staff will gather with him to celebrate his ministry and to say thanks.

And then, at an appropriate time this fall, we will have a reception for Jeff and his wife Laura, giving all of us the opportunity to say a proper thanks to them. Jeff and Laura will continue to be part of the Gloria Dei community of faith, and for that we are so grateful. We wish them both nothing but the most abundant of blessings.

And as Jeff moves forward into this next chapter of life, we are so happy for him. We will however, miss him, his smile, and his wonderful sense of humor, all of which have contributed to making this a great place to work and do mission together.

Thank you Jeff! You have been and continue to be a blessing to many. It has been a joy and pleasure for me, the entire staff, and the whole congregation, to partner with you in serving our Lord, Jesus Christ. Well done, good and faithful servant.

See you all online for worship. If possible, please read Jesus’ great parable of “The Workers in the Vineyard”, found in Matthew 20:1-16

Pastor Tim

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