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So, Now What?

Hello Gloria Dei,

I want you all to know that your pastoral team at Gloria Dei, along with the church staff, is remembering all of you in prayer. During this time of limited social interaction, I pray for you to know the peace that Christ brings. God has created us to be in community. In times like these we all appreciate even more the gift of being together. So yes, we are praying for you. And I want to say thank you for your prayers for this entire congregation. We are together in Christ, who blesses us to be a blessing to each other and to the world around us.

Of course last Sunday we celebrated the Super Bowl of the Christian faith. Jesus raised from the dead, brings victory to us by defeating death. Jesus is alive and present with us today.

So, now what? That’s often the question in these weeks after Easter. If Jesus is raised from the dead, and if we now live in ultimate victory, then how does that affect our lives from here on out?

This weekend in worship we will be focusing on one of the great post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. It happens on Easter Sunday evening. A man named Cleopas and his companion are walking the approximate seven miles from Jerusalem to a town called Emmaus. And in their walk, a stranger, who turns out to be Jesus himself, joins them as they walk. And it isn’t until this “stranger” opens their minds to the good news of Scripture and breaks bread with them at the evening meal that they recognize him. The risen Christ is made known through the word and through the meal.

And what happens is that these two people are filled with so much joy and excitement that they run all the way back to Jerusalem. A seven mile run is more than a 10k run. But they do it because they can’t contain themselves. They want to share the news.

Two things: Number one, pay attention for Jesus showing up for you in these days. It’s true that he shows up when we read his word and spend time in prayer. It’s true that he shows up as we share in communion and community with others. But it is also true that Jesus shows up in other ways, sometimes very surprising ways. Do you see Jesus in the face of a child? Or in the face of those in need? Or in a kind word spoken to you? Do you see Jesus as you remember the blessings of your life? Do you even find Jesus in your suffering or loneliness these days? Like he did on the road to Emmaus, Jesus shows up for us. That’s one of the great promises of Easter.

I invite you to read Luke 24:13-35 in preparation for this Sunday’s worship. As you read, see if Jesus shows up. And as you live in these post-resurrection days following Easter, pay attention to how Jesus is showing up for you, even in surprising ways.

And now, a few announcements. As we continue to live together in this “Pause” time, it is becoming apparent that Gloria Dei needs a central place to list online opportunities that are unique to this time. We have created this “pause page” on our website; https://www.gloriadei-sd.org/pause. Here you will find Bible Study and Spiritual Growth opportunities. Pause has also been added to the Home section of our app. Content will be updated as it becomes available.

I want to let you know of a brand new opportunity we are embarking upon. It is our Wednesday Prayer Vigil. The idea is to have people sign up for 30 minutes of prayer time, from 7 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. each Wednesday, to simply stop and pray. As Scripture teaches us, there is incredible power in prayer. People can be intentionally praying for the world, for the church, for our government and world leaders, for our families, for health care workers, and whatever else comes to mind. One very important thing we can all do is to pray. You can sign up to be part of this prayer vigil using the “Pause” link I’ve just mentioned.

In addition to Pause, stay connected through our Gloria Dei Live section of the website and app for both midweek and weekend devotions and worship.

We are together in Christ. He’s showing up for you and for me. See you in worship online!

Pastor Tim