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Prayer Vigil

As we continue “paused” and remain physically isolated during this global pandemic, we would like you to consider being part of a weekly prayer vigil where we have a specific time to pray fervently for our congregation, city, state, nation and world as we face these challenging times.

This weekly vigil will be each Wednesday morning from 7 am to 1 pm beginning Wednesday April 22.

You will pray from the safety of your home (or wherever you are) during the vigil time. But of course, please continue to pray through this crisis as you have been or as you feel called to do on your own time. When you pray during this vigil and we are not in the sanctuary or chapel you can “go in your room, close the door, and pray” (Matthew 6:6);
you can be on your knees or prostrate on the floor;
you can pray while on a walk or during you exercise routine;
you may pray in solitude or with a prayer partner;
you may pray with music and/or dance; and, as always, you can pray the Scriptures.

Pray for those who are isolated and lonely, those facing added financial hardships with loss of jobs or hours. Pray for those who are anxious and fearful of all the aspects of this crisis. Say prayers for those who are in “essential jobs and cannot remain in the safety of their homes, for those who put themselves in harm’s way tending to patients ill with COVID-19." Pray also for those who are ill with this virus as well as those that need to seek care in hospitals where resources may be limited and risk of infection is increased. Pray for our leaders in government and in health care as the make important decisions on management, treatment and prevention as they plan for physical and economic health of our nation/world. Offer prayers for businesses (big and small), our churches, schools and other institutions as they plan for sustaining themselves and those they serve. Pray as well for healing of divisions locally and within our nation/world so that we may come together to be better servants.

There are several resources available, if needed, to help in this endeavor. First and foremost is the Bible where the Holy Spirit can lead you to helpful passages. The topical index can also give guidance to appropriate verses. Both Guideposts and Crosswalk have online resources. Devotional and prayer books that you may have at home can also be a source of inspiration.

Contact us, if you have questions or need additional resources.

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