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Gloria Dei is Turning 35 Years Old

Gloria Dei is Turning 35 Years Old

A bit of Gloria Dei history. Back in early 1984, founding Pastor Bruce Williams began knocking on doors in SE Sioux Falls and laying the groundwork for a brand new congregation. On October 28 of that year the new congregation, named Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, held its first worship service at the Robert Frost Elementary School.

The official birthday for Gloria Dei came on April 14 of 1985, when Gloria Dei adopted its constitution with 146 Charter Members. The congregation worshiped at Robert Frost for two years and then moved for about nine months to a community room at Prince of Peace Retirement community. Gloria Dei moved into its very own building at 57th Street and Harrington in 1987. Pastor Bruce retired in 1998.

I could say lots more about Gloria Dei’s history, but I think it’s good to look back and celebrate birthdays. Maybe this year for the 35th Anniversary, we can sing Happy Birthday to Gloria Dei on Easter Sunday, April 12. We’ll see. As we get closer to year 40, we’ll plan a congregation wide celebration. And we’ll do it again for year 50!

Nonetheless, the mission of Gloria Dei continues. Pastor Bruce once shared with me that the Mission Statement for Gloria Dei back in 1985 was “To Be a Witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Worship, Education, and Outreach, in Word and Deed”. And even though our mission statement has changed multiple times through these 35 years, it always has the same theme: To Be Witnesses to the Love of God in Jesus Christ.

This week in worship we’ll be focusing in on Jesus’ parable of the Sower and Seed. The Sower casts the seed of God’s Word far and wide. It is meant for all. That’s Jesus’ mission. That’s our mission. Please read Matthew 13:1-23 in preparation for worship.

Ask yourself, “How am I being and how can I be a witness for Jesus Christ?” “How can I sow the seeds of God’s love for all through my words and deeds?”

Gloria Dei will turn 35 next month. The best way to celebrate is to keep the mission of Christ’s church alive and well. I’m grateful to be involved in this mission with all of you.

See you in worship!

Pastor Tim