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The Unchanging Message

Happy New Year Gloria Dei,

Wow! 2020! A New Year and a New Decade! My family was reminiscing the other day about what has changed in our lives over the past decade and what hasn’t changed. A few of us on staff were doing the same thing yesterday as we looked at Gloria Dei and the changes that have occurred since 2010. Yes, lots has changed. For this congregation, over the past decade we have moved onto a new campus. Some people have moved away. Others have joined this community of faith. Three of our four pastors are new to us over the past decade. We’re almost double the size we were back then.

What has changed in your life and family over the past decade? Lots, I’m sure. And as we stand at the front end of a new decade, none of us can fully predict the changes that will come between now and 2030.

Yet, one thing we do know is that the gospel message never changes. And for good reason. God is our Alpha and Omega. God is with us at our beginning and will still be there when our life on this earth comes to an end. God’s love for us and for this world remains constant. And that’s good news.

Our basic spiritual need is to have that which separates us from God removed, killed, done away with, and fully forgiven. That happens through none other than God’s very own Son, Jesus the Messiah. Take heart! God’s love for you is solid and constant no matter the changes that come. And it is a love that will carry you throughout 2020, all the way to 2030, and all the way into eternity.

I’m excited this weekend to launch into a six month journey with you through the Gospel of Matthew. From now until the end of June we’ll be preaching through this great story of God’s love, centered in Jesus.

And, as a special treat, I’m excited to tell you that our very own seminary student, Hans Lundquist, will kick things off as our guest preacher this weekend. Hans grew up at Gloria Dei and is in the thick of his studies through Luther Seminary, all the while working on the staff of Lutheran Church of Dell Rapids.

For this weekend please read Matthew chapters one and two. The focus will be on 2:1-18.
Happy 2020!  God is good….All the time!  See you in worship!

Pastor Tim