Spirit of Thanksgiving

Hello Gloria Dei,

As we move into the month of November we’re reminded that living with a spirit of thanksgiving is vital to living a full life.Of course, we are thankful to lots of people in our lives: loved ones including family members and close friends; yet also the many, many acquaintances we’ve all made along the way within life’s journey. All have helped to shape and form us.

Above all we are thankful to God, from whose hand comes all good gifts, including the very gift. of life. God shows his love for us in many ways, yet we see it most fully in the gift of himself, the Word made flesh: God among us in Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection sets us free from sin and death and gives our lives purpose and hope.

This Sunday night at Callaways we’re gathering (adults only) for a vision, mission, and fellowship event from 5 to 7 p.m. Food will be provided for you. Some of the council members will be sharing about ongoing and upcoming ministry happenings at Gloria Dei. We’ll all come away with a better sense of the vision God is calling us to in and through our church. I encourage you to attend. You are all welcome and invited to come.

And then, on November 14-15 within worship, we will bring our General Fund financial pledges for 2016 to the altar as an act of worship. I encourage you to pray about your level of giving to God’s work, and to increase it if possible, as we have some exciting endeavors ahead. After all, in reality, nothing really belongs to us. Everything belongs to God. God has placed us in charge of the gifts he’s provided in order to bring glory to him and to serve others. I encourage all of us to give generously, as the Good News of God’s love for us is indeed the one true and lasting hope for all the world.

In preparation for worship this weekend, please read the two short letters written by Paul to his young friend and co-worker Timothy: 1 & 2 Timothy.

See You in Worship!
Pastor Tim